So you want to live a drama free life? It’s actually not that hard, to be honest. I’m able to live a drama life for a pretty darn long time and I absolutely love it. Most people should try this approach but they can’t. They can’t because they can’t get rid of the drama and the sad part is that they mostly cause it themselves. Yes, you’ve read it correctly it’s all your own fault. So who has to solve it if you caused it? You of course! That was a no-brainer if you ask me. But why do people struggle so much to get rid of it? I guess that most people just make it harder than it seems.

Well, let’s toast on the upcoming drama free life. Or as I like to say it: save your drama for your mama. 

A drama free life: don’t gossip.

You know what causes a lot of drama? The ‘he said she said’ stories. Forget about those. Those change as soon as they get retold. Those stories mostly cause a lot of drama. Gossiping is mostly based on assumptions instead of facts. It’s a waste of time and only people with too much spare time to do it. Go find a hobby or read a book. Nobody has time to listen to your fake news.

A drama free life: don’t complain.

A lot of people like to complain when they face drama all the time. But how many problems have you ever solved by complaining? Name one problem that you can solve by complaining about it. It’s just impossible. Complaining is the easy way out. those people act like victims all the time and nobody’s got time to constantly solve others problems. Don’t forget: the victim mindset will never get you set.

A drama free life: get out of your comfort zone.

Most people are stuck in their comfort zone. They are really afraid of everything that takes them out of their comfort zone. The sad part is that you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to get rid of drama. I mean how will you tell people that you don’t want them to be a part of your life anymore? Pretty uncomfortable right? It’s not that hard. You’ll get used it, trust me. Get rid of those drama kings and queens one by one.

You just have to be plain honest.

I’m pretty bold when it comes to this one. I just point those people out that they’re causing unnecessary drama. We’re all human and it can happen to anybody. But there will be a point in time where I really stop caring. The two strikes and you’re out principle has proven to be effective over and over again. Many people don’t agree with this tactic but I don’t have drama in my life and they do. People who caused drama in my life mostly never return. They mostly realize that they crossed the line once too many times.

Never fight fire with fire.

So many people try to fight fire with fire but that doesn’t work. You’re pouring oil on the fire. Just be the bigger person. Step away. It’s really not worth it. I can guarantee you that a lot of people like to cause drama over the small stuff. Sometimes I even wonder if they get that they’re basically bitching about nothing. Let it go and the drama will go away as well.

A drama free life: get rid of those drama kings and queens.

You can spot those people from a mile away. Some people just love creating drama. I guess that they’re addicted to the feeling. Just avoid those people. It’s really that easy. But what if they’re family you ask? Well, you’ll have to be able to live with it but you can ignore them when they cause a lot of drama. You don’t have to take it. Spend time with other family members who’re worth spending time with.

A drama free life: never be bored.

People who’re bored like to cause drama. It’s like I said before, some people will do anything to get attention. Others will accept the drama out for the same reason. People accept a lot of dumb stuff out of boredom. I really don’t understand that people are able to be bored in this day and age, to be honest.

A drama free life: ask yourself this one simple question.

There’s one simple question that you need to ask yourself:” is this event benefiting my life in any way?” The answer will be no in most of the cases.

But Alex what if my girlfriend creates drama all the time? Well, get rid of her. There’s a difference between getting into an argument and causing the same drama all the time. The first thing is normal in a relationship, the latter isn’t. You’ll find someone who fits you better and doesn’t cause all the drama. I know a guy who was together with a drama queen. He once told me that the day that they broke up was the happiest day of his life. He never slept better that day. I’m just giving advice here.

In conclusion: a drama free life is easy attain.

people who know me know that I distance myself from the unnecessary drama. Some people even told me that I can act really cold. That’s just my way of dealing with things. Although I wouldn’t label my behavior as cold. I really care about people and their problems but only if they’re willing to do anything about it. Aside from that, I master the art of not giving a flying fuck. I focus on what I can control and ignore the things that are out of my control. I assume that it’s mainly because I don’t like to waste time. Hence I have pretty long and scheduled days. Guess what’s never on the menu. That’s right: drama.

In conclusion: a drama free life is easy to attain.

It’s really that simple and therefore I live a drama free life.

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