Everybody is on social media, everybody uploads pictures and hopes to get as many likes as possible.  It’s even possible to buy likes in China. Waste of money, waste of time…

Why be afraid of zombies? Social media already made you one!

I never really understood why people pay so much attention to their profile pics, doing expensive photoshoots to put on Facebook… The success stories from people who got famous from social media are rare. Besides who takes those people serious? I don’t, everybody can upload a picture every day. They don’t care about making peoples lives better, they just want attention.

Everybody hates people who are craving for attention all day but on social media, they like it, literally.

Social media is as fake as it gets

Why be afraid of zombies? Social media already made you one! Find out how social media can turn your whole life upside down.

Do you get what I mean?

Spending too much time on social media makes you unhappy. Everybody leads the perfect life on social media so yours looks like shit. But are these people really happy? Is there life so much better than yours?

Hell no, they have to deal with the same problems or even worse than the ones you face. They just hide behind all their post and pictures. I don’t want to live like that. You are miserable because other people share fake happiness. What’s the point of that? Life is really too short to be miserable. You just get unhappier and you will act upon this miserable state of mind.

(A)social media

Why be afraid of zombies? Social media already made you one! Find out how social media can turn your whole life upside down.

It all makes sense now

Social media makes people asocial, look around you and see what people are doing. They talk to each other while they are busy with all these social media apps. Kids take their smartphone with them at dinner with their parents to snapchat what they eat and then talk about it. Groups of friends all standing there, staring at a screen…..

People spend whole days in their rooms talking to others on these media. These conversations start out great but end in wasting time by sending endless emoticons. Why don’t you meet these person(s) in real life and read a book in your room? Most people complain that they don’t have time to read so here’s the solution.

You’ll get hit by the loneliness boomerang

Loneliness can either be a good or a bad thing but social media can make you feel lonely.

All those virtual friends are meaningless if you don’t know them or can’t talk to them.

The social media dilemma: defriend of befriending

You know what’s even worse? People are offended when you defriend them, it’s like you killed someone. Defriending someone doesn’t mean you won’t speak with those people in real life. Having too many friends on Facebook can be frustrating with all the posts on the wall. Don’t you think it’s easier to clean your friend’s list for a reason? You don’t need all these fake virtual friends, do you?! I just want my close friends on Facebook and most important in real life.

Social media makes you chase girls

Why should you do effort and go to a beautiful girl in a club? Do you know if she finds you attractive? Probably not. But wait…. Lucky you, there’s an app called Tinder. Chatting with girls that find you attractive and you know it.

I guess you think you’re a real man. I also used tinder for a while and found myself a real wuss. Where is the challenge in tinder? I rather go to a girl in person; sure they can reject you but those things happen. Just get over it; it isn’t the end of the world.

You keep on chasing women and you will get just tons of frustrating dates. Stop chasing women since you won’t get happier by doing it.

But enough about the way you play, let’s get back to the subject.

Social media is the number one time consumer

Why be afraid of zombies? Social media already made you one! Find out how social media can turn your whole life upside down.

Our number one time consumer

Also, social media is a real-time consumer, once you get on it you lose track of time. Before you know it you’ve lost an hour or more just scrolling on a timeline, watching pictures, watch people nag about their problems…

Do you feel happy after that time you’ve spent? I don’t. Neither do most people but they won’t admit it because they’re trapped in their comfort zone.

Ever tried to count how many times people complain about how they’re always time short? They’re always busy but they’re doing nothing so they stop going to the gym, go less out with friends… All to get some precious me time.

You can still make time without sacrificing the gym. Just leave the smartphone in your gym bag and train and when you go home just leave it there. Do your work, spend times with people you care about and then after that you could watch it.

I lose my smartphone all the time

I once was running late and knew that I had to make a phone call to inform the person that I was meeting. So I looked at my phone and didn’t find it anywhere. I took the house phone and called it. It turns out that I left my phone in my closet on a shelf. I have no idea how it got there and I can’t tell you why either.

So I guess you can tell that it’s Pokemon NO GO over here. I’m just not interested in this kind of games.

Blocking some time

I recently found an extension for Chrome called “StayFocusd”, it’s really great. You make a list of sites you want to block and how much time you want to spend maximum on them per day.

There is also a nuclear option, it blocks al sites for minimum one hour and you can’t cancel it. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This extension was used while I wrote and revised this article.

I also noticed I’ve got less stress when I’m using them less. I don’t let stress turn my life into a mess. Some people even admire this vision and are even jealous that their lives are ruled by these social media.

Spending less time on social media

Why be afraid of zombies? Social media already made you one! Find out how social media can turn your whole life upside down.

waiting for the next social media zombie apocalypse

So you never use things like Facebook?

Sure I do but only when I really need it like for school or something else that benefits my future. I check Facebook usually two times per day. Once around noon or even later and once in the late evening. Two times is more than enough, you won’t miss anything spectacular on the wall.

Sometimes I’ll forget to check it in the evening because I’m usually home late for training.

People who want to reach me know how to do it.

It’s strange to implement it at first but after a while, you’ll have tons of free time.

If you’re not a part of the walking dead you’ve got nothing to regret

Do like me and escape the social media zombie apocalypse or the walking dead. You will have more productive days and won’t regret anything at the end of the day.

But Alex what can we regret? What about wasting a whole day spending time on social media? The ones who do this often will know what I mean.

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