The comfort zone is pretty interesting to be honest. It's the zone that puts you gently to sleep. Should you wake up or not? That's the question.The comfort zone is pretty interesting, to be honest. It’s the zone that puts you gently to sleep. The zone was can stay as long as you want without realizing that you’re unhappy. Most people avoid a challenge or anything that looks too hard to complete. People skip the gym after just one week just because they don’t like it.

But now you can do two things

  • Accept the fact they don’t like it
  • Ask why they quit and don’t take their bullshit excuse for an answer

People are becoming too soft; they are cowards when it comes to certain subjects. Confronting people that they are lazy is one of them. You think I liked the gym when I first did it? I hated it and I’m not lying. Being sore for a week wasn’t fun. The fact that I was really weak and intimidated by the big guys didn’t help either.

At that point, it’s easy to quit. No one will ever say something about it. They’ll say “well at least you tried”. But quitting isn’t something the wolf does! Only sheep make up excuses. But I kept pushing and now I love working out. I always try to outwork everybody.

The comfort zone and modern society

Getting out of that comfort zone is really great; you’ll learn that your normal life isn’t that great. Yeah, I’m talking to all the couch potatoes who eat fast food and other crap in front of the television. I’m talking to the people who binge-watch shows all day and regret it afterward. Why don’t you make the change to a more active/better lifestyle?

People never run (out of excuses)

These people are always using the same excuses that they don’t like to run or sport.

Let me tell you something, nobody likes to run. But there are still people who run marathons.I have nothing but respect for those people but I wouldn’t do it.

Why don’t you try to lift/run/swim… properly for a month or even more? Are you afraid that people will laugh at you because you are fat/skinny/weak….. The list of excuses goes on but they one thing in common. They are excuses for the lazy man, craving for his couch with beer, chips and his favorite television show.

You’re probably watching your favorite sport while you’re getting more and more out of shape.

This isn’t how your life needs to go down! You need to stop making all those lame excuses! TAKE ACTION. You don’t need to put up excuses to live a horrible life. You’re lying to yourself that you really like it while you clearly don’t. People will notice that you lie. Modern society puts us in the comfort zone and this may sound like a shocker but it wants to keep you there.

Stop the abuse of the lame excuse

No girl will like you because you make up some lame excuse. We are created to live an active life so live that life. Feel the benefits of your new active lifestyle.

People will compliment you because you look better. Girls will notice you because you become more confident and happy.

I mean who doesn’t want to be more confident, more energetic, and more athletic…..? Who doesn’t want to get more out of life?!

It’s all about your mindset and changing your mindset means getting out of your comfort zone. Once you become good at leaving your comfort zone you’ll be able to constantly push yourself. You’ll be more committed to your tasks in life.

Don’t you believe me?

I wrote this article at 10 pm after five hours of sleep because I went out with friends.

You think I was originally planning on doing any work?

Hell no but suddenly I needed to type cause I had an idea and I’m glad I did.

I want to be productive even on the days where I slept less because I went out.

Doing nothing is a waste of time in my eyes. The only time I’m allowing myself to be in a comfort zone is when I sleep. This is my opinion, yours can differ off course.

The bus incident

Recently I’ve overheard a conversation on the bus while I was reading. It was really funny actually because it shows how people comfort themselves.

So a guy and a girl were in a conversation about sports, the girl her passion was running there was no doubt about that. The guy his passion was running away from starting to run. He wanted to impress her by saying he planned his first run but he had to cancel it due to rain.

Now, this is funny, really funny.  There’s more oxygen in the air when it rains so it’s better to run. She was thinking the same thing cause she said she actually liked running in the rain and didn’t get why he didn’t do it.

It’s a slight guess but I’m guessing that he didn’t make a good impression there.

The comfort zone and depression

It’s easy to stay in a depression these days because you’re not different than most people. You don’t like to wake up, complain a lot and have no motivation at all. These are the traits of a lot of people in this day and age.

Besides that you have to realize that depression is no joke, it takes time to defeat the monster inside of your head. Three days ago it was one year ago that I realized I had a depression. I worked one year extremely hard to deal with all my problems, face the setbacks and so on. I was battling depression without a single therapy session.

It was hard when I started but I’m glad I took the jump and decided to change. I have grown as a person and I’m still growing. I reflected this whole period multiple times and I realized one thing over and over again: comfort kept me in the depression zone. Comfort was keeping me down in the boxing game. It was making sure that I was hit bad over and over again.

This worked until I told myself ENOUGH and I jumped out of my comfort zone. I jumped towards the unknown and I liked it. It was a new exciting and addictive feeling and that’s when I learned a valuable lesson. I was never really comfortable but I never tried to change it either.

The sooner you step away from your comfort zone; the sooner you’ll realize that it really wasn’t that comfortable- Eddie Harris Junior

So how can I deal with this discomfort you ask?

Accept the fact that you have to work hard

There’s an easy answer for this: embrace your discomfort. Nothing more nothing less.

But Alex, what if I told you I’m really comfortable right now? I suggest you reread the sentence above again and realize that you’re lying to yourself.

If you want something in life, you’ve got to work so you better accept it. There will be no overnight success. You can complain all you want but it’s the truth.

There are two downfalls here, Seth Rogin described this really well on his blog.

  • The mindset that you can trade your way out of pain

Guess what do people do to trade away their pain. Bonus point if you’ve guessed “coming up with excuses”.

Here’s an example: If I just get a little richer, more famous… Pain will go away. In this way you will never stick out, you create a cycle of dissatisfaction.

Seth Rogin his quote hit the nail on the head:

There’s always a pain-free gig right around the corner, so screw this, let’s go try that

Too bad that pain is everywhere, in every relationship and so on. You can embrace it or try to escape it but you’ll always find it along the way.

That’s the reason why people divorce more than 10 years ago. They want to avoid the pain, don’t want to put work in the relationship. They assume that breaking up will solve all the problems.

But then they start a new relationship and they realize that their previous relationship wasn’t that bad. They suddenly released that they arrived in the dessert instead of a place filled with greener grass.

The only thing I could tell to those guys is, welcome to divorce number two.

Now don’t get me wrong this is only applicable to some relationships. In some cases, you will be better off single or in a new relationship. Don’t waste your energy going from one to the other.

  • You embrace your current pain but avoid the new, unknown pain

You’re wasting your potential when you’re making this mistake. It’s the opposite mistake of mistake number one, but this one is more subtle.

This mistake leads to one thing and that’s paralysis. When you accept your current pain but avoid future, unknown pains; you’ll get stuck.

And what happens when you are confronted with bad two choices? Pick the third one because that’s the one that will benefit you.

So what is the third option?

Choose something you love to do but still makes you uncomfortable. Talking about a win-win. You take a burning desire and go after it. The desire is what you love and getting after it will make you uncomfortable.

In this way, you will get more out of your life.

Remember the comfort zone is a really beautiful place but nothing ever grows there! It’s a dessert filled with broken dreams, depressions, and illusions.

Till next time


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