You should focus on yourself and no one else. Can you guess why? Well, it’s because losers focus on winners and winners focus on winners. There’s a big difference between those two groups. The first group, the losers, spends a lot of time focusing on others. The second group focusses on getting better and that’s why they actually get better. They don’t have to come up with excuses on why they failed. Those people should learn how to deal with failure instead of focusing on others. It’s just a suggestion though. Now I realize that most people will claim that focusing on yourself is selfish. Guess what, it’s not.

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Focus on yourself and no one else: it’s not selfish

I only focus on getting better in what I do and who I am. I just want to become a better person and I don’t focus on others. It’s safe to say that I don’t even care what other people do. Others spend so much time gossiping about others, but you won’t gain anything from that. Most people even gossip about things that they’re not certain about. Stuff like the fact that someone might have cheated on his wife. He either did it or he didn’t. I don’t need to hear all those fake assumptions and made up bullshit. I prefer to read a good book while others waste time. They claim that they’ve got no time to read but they do. They just waste time instead of being productive. But that still doesn’t explain why it isn’t selfish.

It’s not selfish because you can’t change people. People need to change their own behavior and most of them never do. You’ll constantly put your own needs on the backburner if you focus on others. You’ll be depressed and disappointed in no time.

Focus on yourself and no one else: in conclusion

You should only focus on yourself if you want to get better. That’s all you can do. So just focus on a better version of you. 

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