Have you ever dreamed of being famous? Don’t lie since most people have done it and still do it to this day on. They think that being famous is easy but it isn’t. Well it isn’t easy if you’re famous for a reason and there are tons of people who’re known for doing. Well nothing that contributes to others people’s lives. I’m pretty sure that you can name a few people yourself but it’s getting a trend. Don’t work hard and become well known and the problem is that people assume that this is the only way to get a lot of money.

Famous for nothing to get shit for free

I recently saw a buddy of mine and he knows a girl who was part of a reality show called Temptation Island. It was huge here in Belgium and I didn’t see a single second of it. I seriously didn’t care. Reality shows are just a way to escape your own boring life. Anyway she claimed not long ago that she just has to go to parties to earn money. She’s pretty wealthy now I guess. But she didn’t do anything special. She just hooked up with some guys on television and that’s it. The normal people seem to idolize her. It’s something weird but her popularity will fade in the end and she’ll end up broke doing a normal job. That’s just how it’ll go but more and more people are taking this approach.

Famous for nothing…..

A lot of people want free stuff so they’ll get on Instagram and try to become famous through the internet. They spend tons of money on photoshoots or take pictures of everything they eat in the right lighting. Even people who work out take this approach. They just want to do nothing and get money for doing it. It doesn’t work that way! Well it works but you’ll never feel fulfilled. You’ll even feel extremely bored and feel like doing nothing. These people identity is bound to social media which is pretty bad. Their ego grows as soon as their likes and followers go up. They don’t realize that ego is their worst enemy. There are even people who mocked me because they were more popular on Instagram. I don’t have a problem with that since I don’t care about social media. I care about making a difference.

To get shit for free

There are a lot of people who’re scrolling down in social media all day long just to stare at others people’s lives. They don’t get that it’s all an act to get more likes. So they’re jealous and envious that they don’t have the same “great life” as these internet celebrities. Why don’t you spend less time on social media and start working towards a real goal. A goal that fulfills you. There are already tons of social media models and so on. Yes they get stuff for free but do they make a difference? I don’t think so. You’re not worth the follow if you don’t work hard and don’t make that difference in this world. But that’s just my opinion. In the end you can bitch all day long about it. I just won’t give a flying fuck.

Famous for nothing…

and get shit for free

but that ain’t me

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