Did you feel bored today ?Well I guess you’re not that different than most people. Their happiness involves others and that’s something that you need to address. A lot of people constantly ask me where my motivation comes from. They really don’t get why I’m never wasting my time by doing nothing. I don’t get how you can be bored to be honest. I’m completely obsessed and that makes me stand out when I’m with others.

They focus on what I do but not on what I think. You can’t copy my behavior since you will probably have another obsession than me. You can only do what I do when you’re just as obsessed as me or someone else. There really is no middle road here.How can you be bored in this day in age? I would live a 100 lives if I had the oppurtunity. I would live in a lot of different countries. Yes, I would learn so many things. There’s such a variety in things that you can learn but people are still saying that they’ve got no clue on how to spend time. Well some claim that they’re bored and some are just fuck ups. There are people who’ll never have the urge to do something. They don’t want to work or do anything else. They’re living “the life”.

Those people are the ones that waste all their money on lottery tickets. They want to be a rich bitch but don’t want to do the effort.

This mindset makes you lazy

It’s all about the mindset. They assume that winning the lottery will solve all their problems. But it’s a trap and you’re walking right into it. They bate you with a big amount of money and you can’t resist it. I’ve explained this countless times to people but they don’t seem to get it. I guess that they’re all slaves to the feel good hormone. Those people always wished that they’ve got rich parents as well. But rich parents are a freaking curse, most people just don’t realize it.

You’ll only develop a strong mentality when life challenges you. You can’t become stronger when you never had to face adversity. You can’t gain anything if you’re afraid of failure. So would you really opt for rich parents instead of your own parents? I would suggest that you try to change your mindset instead of wishing that you had other parents. You’re just a pussy and you’re rude towards your parents. You can’t blame others for the way you turned out.

I had to fight my whole life, I don’t know anything else. It shaped me as a person but I’m okay with it. I know who I am now and who I’m not. I would never change anything from my past to be honest. I’m glad with how I turned out.

Bored? It’s a sign that you need to do change something

I’m a firm believer in the fact that we all have got a big potential. Most people just don’t use it. They rather spend time on social media and they become  bored and tired after a while. But do you know why you’re bored and tired? No? it’s because you’re sitting or lying all day long. Your body doesn’t like. We’re designed to be active instead of passive. Get out and make the blood flow through your veins.  But there more. Do you learn every day by training to become a better version of yourself? Bodybuilding will change your mindset forever.

But you could do martial arts as well. There’s nothing harder than martials arts because you’ll get your ass whooped in the beginning. You’ll get beaten down and only the strong will survive. It’s always a rumble in the dojo.

Bored? maybe you’re suffering from mental exhaustion

I’ve heard a lot of people who skipped the gym or training for a month as soon as they started a new job. They claim that they’re tired all the time and this could be the case if you’ve got a physically active job. The reality is actually the opposite. Most people don’t have an active job at all. Walking to the coffee machine 4 times a day doesn’t mean that  you’ve got an active job. You’re mentally exhausted instead of physically exhausted because you’re working in a freaking box for a freaking machine that doesn’t understand you.  There are more burn outs than ever before do I need to tell you more?

I enrolled in a shit job once. They fired me the same day that I started (they never told me why). I was so unhappy during that 8 hour period. So I constantly needed to tell myself that times would get better in the future. It’s safe to say that I felt mentally drained after that job. People who follow me on snapchat saw the whole day. So I came home and had training later at night but I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t feel like doing anything to be honest. I still went and I felt so much better after training. Suddenly I felt alive and kicking again. Most people live in this state 24/7. Those people feel tired and unhappy all the time. Those go hand in hand. There’s no purpose or sense of direction in their lives. Those people feel cheated by life.

Bored? You’re probably drifting around

So most people don’t have a purpose or sense of direction in life. They don’t get that I’m able to be obsessed about one thing in particular. I’ve talked a lot with people about this subject and they all claim that they’ve got a purpose. They’re going for a degree and after that they’ll go to work. But do you really want that? Most people enroll back in college after they’ve worked a couple of months. They hate studying but they also hate working. They have no clue on what they should do. I noticed that those people have got a love hate relationship with the weekend. They love it because they are able to go out but they hate it because they’ve got so much spare time.

Well they’ll sleep a lot longer on Sundays because they went to sleep when I woke up.

Most people will never get it

My parents can’t get their head around the fact that I’m always up early in the morning. They constantly ask me why I’m up that early. They claim that it’s extremely weird. My parents don’t see the point in getting up early when they don’t have to go to work. Some of my friends don’t get it either. I guess that this is just the modern day mentality.

I’m just doing something that I really like and that’s it. They always claim that they wouldn’t be able to do it and they’re right. They can’t because they haven’t found something which they really like. You don’t have a drive in your life. So why would you get up early?

You know where most people are at? They’re nowhere close to somewhere. Do you get what I’m trying to say? It’s like driving a car without the intention to reach a certain destination. You’re just wasting precious gas and are wasting your precious time. Just set a destination and start driving.

Still bored? You really don’t get it

There’s a reason why I wrote this place.  It’s because  I’ve explained this so many times to people and they seem to remain ignorant when it comes to this. So now I’m able to ask them “you never read my blog do you?”. People who’ve seen How I Met Your Mother will understand this joke. There’s really nothing more to it. You don’t need superpowers or some crazy genetics. So what do you need to do? You just need to show what you’re made off.

So Alex, what do I do next?

Quit wishing and start doing. Just do it.

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