You want to have a happy life don’t you? Well you’ll need to be able to find balance. But I can guarantee you that it’s harder than it seems. It’s easy to write about it but finding the balance itself is harder at times. You see life is just a series of highs (happy times) and lows (less pleasant times). Some people get caught up in the lows and those people get stuck in a rut. Those are the people who feel cheated by life. Life however didn’t cheat them, those people cheated on their selves. They couldn’t find balance so they fell down and never got up.

It’s not their fault. They just don’t teach you this stuff in school. Luckily I’m here to help you.

Life and the quest to find balance

Life is like playing a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black keys represent sadness or hard times. But as you go through life’s journey, remember that the black keys also make music. The key (get it) to finding balance in life is not getting caught up in the highs and the lows. Both are dangerous to be stuck in. A high or multiple highs are mostly followed by one or multiple lows. So you’ll be even hit harder if you’re assuming that you won’t face adversity. But I get it. It’s easy to assume that you can handle the world when life’s going great. It’s at that point that you’ll face the bad times.

The people who’re stuck in a negative mindset will do stupid things due to their unhappiness. Those people need to be able to turn things around and that’s only possible when you take action.

Life and balance: It’s good. It’s bad. It’s a little bit of both

Life isn’t good or bad. Things that happen to you aren’t good or bad. Life is whatever you make from it.  It’s all about perception. I had some highs a while ago and I felt great. A bit too great to be honest. I really got caught up in it. The lows followed quickly after and I was smart enough to realize that I was getting caught up in those lows as well. I addressed the lows and made sure that I could find balance again. You can only get out of the bad times if you learn a lesson from those times. That’s when you learn to appreciate them. I haven’t found a low to this day onward which didn’t teach me a lesson. This actually means that you’ll be learning new things about yourself nonstop.

Balance and learning

People don’t seem to get how I learn a lesson from the bad times. Well it’s pretty easy. I just reflect on stuff. I look back at when I faced a low and think about what I did/said and what happened. Sometimes you won’t solve it directly. I solved issues months after they happened but I always solved them. You’ve got a brain so why don’t you start using it?! Oh I know why. You’re braindead because you feed your brain with nothing useful. You won’t become any smarter by watching television or spending all your time on social media. Why don’t you start reading books?! You’ll become a lot smarter by doing it.

Balance, life and music: a brief conclusion

Remember that I told you that life is like playing a piano?  You need to bad times in order to grow and to enjoy the good times. So why don’t you sit down and start playing a tune? Just make sure that you hit the black keys as well. I’m hitting the white and the black keys with a big smile. You know why? Because I fucking love music!

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