Are you ready for the alpha code? The alpha code is the sequel of the alpha rules. I shared 5 simple rules in this post but this wasn’t enough in my opinion. I wanted to take this post from Zero To Alpha and that’s why I decided to write the alpha code.

Will it make your life better? Hell yes?

Will the change happen overnight? Hell no! It takes time so you better start right now.

The alpha code: wake up early

This is a no brainer for me to be honest. Waking up early might suck at first but you’ll get the hang of it. Most people like to sleep till noon at the weekends but they’ll wake up tired and sluggish. They don’t get why this happens but I do. They wake up early but don’t want to get up because they don’t want to face boredom (how can you be bored in this day and age). So they go back to sleep and wake up extremely tired because they slept too much. This is the crappiest feeling in the world to be honest. I like getting up early because I’m able to put more work in than all the others. I’m addicted to the process and I don’t like it every day but I still do it.

It’s all about realizing that there’s a meaning in a day. Sleeping all day won’t make you conquer the day. Stop being so lazy and get up. You win the day by getting more done than your competition. Most people will assume that you’re not competing against others if you don’t do sports but that’s wrong. Let me explain.

The alpha code: work harder than the day before

You’ve got one opponent in life and that’s you. You decide if you get up or not. You’ve got tremendous power in your own hands and most people don’t even realize it. They all assume that they need to get lucky but only the ones who work hard are the lucky ones. You can always do more than yesterday. Last Friday I watched the Game Of Thrones premiere but I could have trained or blogged for an extra hour. So that’s what I did on Saturday. It’s all about beating yourself every single day. Get better or get bitter and you don’t want the latter that’s for sure. Most people get bitterer while I’m getting better.  Just one step at a time but it’s better to progress one step at a time than to go backwards one step at a time.

Don’t run around in life like a brainless zombie. Realize that there’s a meaning in life and it’s up to you to do something with it.

The alpha code: never go 3 days without exercise

Most people aren’t consistent when it comes to working out. They’re just working out when they “feel like it”. I don’t always feel like it but I just do it. A lot of sports have an off season but there’s no off season in MMA or other combat sports. You’re only taking time off when you’re injured. That’s it, that’s your time off. You go back in as soon as you’re good to go again and I’ll mostly return a bit sooner. Others want to do another sport but you should never go 3 days without exercise. It’s dangerous because you’ll be able to make up excuses on why you shouldn’t work out. You’re on the road to getting out of shape once again. Can you guess when they’ll get back on track? In Neveruary!

Those are the people who come up with terms like good genetics and other dumb stuff. Its hard work and dedication. You won’t get in shape by coming up with excuses. It’s all about the grind.

The alpha code: read EVERY SINGLE DAY

Sometimes I’ll get into a conversation about life in general. Stuff like how to solve problems, being present in the moment and so on. They mostly ask me two questions. They wonder how old I am and what I studied. I mostly tell them that I studied life since I’m a college drop out. You see a degree doesn’t prove that you’re smart. It proves that you’re able to mermorize words. Besides it’s pretty fucked up if you’re relying on an external source to prove that you’re smart. It’s literally the dumbest thing that you can do. You get where I’m going? Good, maybe you’re one of the few people that actually didn’t become dumb and dumber at the age of 23. So how did I get smarter? By reading off course.

Use it or lose it and most people don’t use it

Most people think that reading books won’t make you smarter but it actually does. You can get an insight in how some of the greatest minds of the planet think and learn your own lessons. You get smarter by being around smarter people and reading takes you pretty close to it. It’s actually pretty fun since your vision on the world will change as well. You should read every day or at least listen to an audiobook instead of listening to the same music over and over again. It’s pretty simple in the end: your own choices shape your life whether you like it or not.

So what do I do Alex? Read books and forget about the looks. Can be it be that easy? Yes it can!

Alpha code: don’t be a pussy

We’re living in a weak generation at the moment. Guys care more about likes on Instagram than what really matters in life. I didn’t even exaggerate when I called this generation the pussy generation. It’s really an epidemic. They do extremely dumb shit and feel so tough. These are the guys that try combat sports because they’ve been in a fist fight. They get their ass kicked big time and can’t deal with it so they quit. They’ll probably tell everybody that they were better than all the others.

Don’t backstab people and don’t gossip. That’s what boys do. I can go on and on about this topic but I’ll end with a simple question.

You aren’t a rapper but why are you acting like lill bitch?

Alpha code: fail forward instead of falling forward

Most people like to watch the walking dead but they’re part of the walking dead herd. They can’t handle their own problems and they shell up as soon as they fail.  I’ve seen people cry just because they made a mistake. Every mistake is human so it’s better to accept that you made a mistake.  You’re going to make more mistakes in the future. Just accept it, learn your lesson and move on. I recently witnessed how a little kid was learning to walk. It was the same thing over and over again. The kid got up, tried, fell down, cried, got back up and tried again.

Why would you give up when you did something wrong? It’s really something weird. Fail forward, don’t be afraid and keep moving forward.

The alpha code: stop chasing women!

Did you know that I can see which search words on Google lead to my site? There are tons of young guys who’re visiting my article about chasing women because they don’t know if they need to stop it. Off course you need to stop it, this shouldn’t be a dilemma. It’s pretty easy to chase women since you’ve got all these dating apps but is this really what you want to do in your free time? Learn some new things, read a book, do some sports….. You can use your time a lot more useful and you’ll be more interesting by doing it. Now that’s what I call a win win.

The alpha code: forget about the comfort zone

You can’t grow and develop as a person if you’re not willing to go out of your comfort zone. The comfort zone included binge watching a show, sleeping all day, skipping practice to go out with friends. The comfort zone is extremely dangerous because it puts you slowly to sleep. You won’t even notice it but suddenly you’ll be out of shape in every possible way. Yes I mean mentally and physically.

The alpha code: put quality food in your body

You are what you eat and most people are extremely unhealthy. You can be healthy if you’re not eating healthy. Would you put a soda in a V8 engine? I don’t think so! So why are you putting all that crap in your body?!

But Alex what about?

Alcohol? I don’t drink alcohol but you can drink it if you like it. Just don’t overdo it. Moderation is the key here.

The legendary cheat meal? I don’t plan a cheat meal anymore. I used to do it but it was way too stressful. Now I just go to a restaurant, eat healthy and order something unhealthy if I feel like it.

Well it’s safe to say that the alpha code runs deep over here. You should use it as well.

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