Man I can’t believe that the whole blogging journey started one year ago. I released my first blog post on this day and I was wondering where I would end up. I had no plan but the plan came as I moved on. I decided to write a book after a while and the book is finally finished. It took me blood, sweat and tears but I’m happy with the end result. The book isn’t perfect but it’s the best that I’ve got to offer. I know that some people are awaiting the release but I have to sit down with a webdesigner to set up a webshop. The technical part of blogging isn’t something that I’m good at. So the book is dropping soon (next week) and it’s a big one.

It took me one year

So the book has 29 chapters (yes you’ve read it correctly). It’s a comprehensive guide to a better life. You can start from square one and still have amazing results. I just wanted to make sure that everybody could benefit from my book. It covers subjects like dating, battling inner demons, beating depression, the secret behind my new mindset and so on. I guess that you realize why it took me a year to complete it? Okay I admit that I procrastinated a bit but I got out of my comfort zone and work my ass off.

My favorite post after one year

I decided to share some of my favorite posts so that you don’t miss out on anything.

My story since it was the beginning of an incredible journey that’s far from over.

My blog about the comfort zone since it made people really uncomfortable.

The post in which I shared tons of life lessons which I learned over a period a year.

My post about the fact that you should eat nuts. I was one of the most fun ones that I ever wrote.

The alpha rules post since it shows how I think.

So Alex when are you releasing the book? Soon, it’s just a matter of days now.

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