Are you ready for the Zero To Alpha holiday workout? I hope you are because it’ll make sure that you deserve your holiday cheat meal(s). I did this workout on Christmas Eve. But I didn’t train on Christmas itself and there’s a good reason for it. I really pushed the pace two weeks prior to the holidays. I was really tired after Thursday but I decided to push and until it was Sunday. On Sunday I did Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the morning and my holiday workout in the evening. I’m going to share it later in this blog post but first I want to debunk a myth.

The holiday workout and the myth

I noticed something funny the week prior to Christmas. It’s something that reoccurs every single year. There are a lot of people who suddenly start running. Even untrained people train like crazy. They’ve suddenly found the right motivation but it’s already too late. Most people assume that they get fat between Christmas and New Year but that’s not true. You got fat between New Year and Christmas. You won’t gain a lot of weight by eating 3 or 4 less healthy meals during the period. It’s all about moderation.

There are a lot of people who should take a good look at their lifestyle and be brutally honest with themselves. Most people can’t handle the reality so they end up making excuses. Those excuses will make sure that they’ll never get into shape. Now it’s time to take a look at my workout.

The Zero To Alpha holiday workout

The Zero To Alpha holiday workout: equipment

You’ll need two things in order to be able to complete this workout.

  1. a TRX (buy it here) or gymnastics rings (buy it here)
  2. a soccer field

I did everything with my TRX but gymnastic rings are worth their money as well and they’re cheaper as well.

The Zero To Alpha holiday workout

Strenght training

  • Feet elevated TRX rows (this is a back killer): 4 x 10 (sets x reps)
  • TRX dips 4 x 8
  • TRX bicep curls superset with TRX triceps extensions 4 x 10
  • One-legged jumps (jumps as far as you can with one leg) 5 x 5 per leg


You start at a short side of a soccer field and sprint as fast as you can. After that, you run the length of the long side at a moderate pace. You sprint the other short side and run the long side at a moderate pace again. You’ve now done one repetition. I did 6 of those. This is a great way to get your heart beat up in no time. It’s killer cardio that’ll get you straight out of your comfort zone. I did some stretching after this workout because I’m focusing on mastering the split.

Well, I’m going to enjoy my second day off and tomorrow I’m going to hit the gym again. Because all I do is train train train no matter what.

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