This year should be your year and everybody’s year. We’ve almost arrived in the middle of July so that means that we’re 5 months away from 2018. How did 2017 go so far? Are you getting closer to your dream body or are getting more and more out of shape? Are you the one that’s making up excuses for why others are successful and you’re not? I hope that you realize that excuses will make sure that you’ll never grow. But there’s another thing that you should realize. Most people assume that the sky is the limit but why would you take the sky as the limit while there are footsteps on the moon? Your perception defines your reality and that’ll make sure that you do or don’t succeed.

This year should be your year

So the sky isn’t the limit but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dream. I’m a dreamer and I always was a dreamer since I was a little kid. But most people are dreamers so what separates me from all the others? Well the fact that I’m a doer. Most people dream and keep on dreaming. They scroll down on social media just to envy others and they don’t get that they’re wasting time. You need to stop dreaming and start acting. This year will never be your year if you don’t act. It will never be your year if you don’t act. So when do I have to start right now. Well not right now, you’re allowed to read some other articles on my blog but you should get started after that.

You should get the most out of every day. Most people work 20 minutes per day in the weekend but they bitch about the fact that my blog is growing. They bitch about the fact that I’m getting better at MMA but it’s fair that I’m getting better. I just put the work in and they don’t. I relax 20 minutes most of my days so something has to come out of that.

Do more

So do more than you did in 2016. Don’t wait till 2018 to take a fresh start. Don’t wait till 2018 to make some dumb New Year’s resolutions. Only drunk people make those and they never stick to it. I don’t make those because I don’t drink alcohol. The problem just solved itself. The New Year new me bullshit should stop right now. People tell this to others every single year.

Those people are filled with hate just because they’ve got the wrong mindset. So you still have 5 months left. Get out of your comfort zone and start working towards your goals/dreams.  Make every single day count from now on. Strive for greatness and go beyond your own limits. We can be better in 2017 than we were in 2016. It’s a mindset that you can learn as well and I already shared the secret to it on my blog.

Just do it.

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