People always wonder how I keep writing all those blog posts (this is number 206). It isn’t something magical to be honest. There are bloggers who release more blog posts than me. Some release 2 a day but that’s overkill in my opinion. Some people struggle more than enough to finish one blog post. I tend to write pretty long ones so one a day suffice. Don’t worry this won’t be a long one. I’m a bit overtrained. I’m only thinking about sleep right now. Now let’s take a look at how I do it and why most people can’t do it for such a long period of time.

Tons of blog posts due to consistency

People tend to do things when they feel like it but that’s why they suck at it. I write every single day. It’s relaxing for me. I write while other people binge- watch movies or shows. Those are the people who don’t get it. They probably assume that I have a magical pill like in the movie Limitless. Well actually I have. It has multiple names. Names like hard work, dedication, consistency….. oh and Matcha tea. This tea is amazing. It tastes great and you don’t have the energy drop like you have from coffee. You should buy this tea if you want to have an intense focus (buy it here).

Tons of blog posts due the fact that I use my brain

I tend to read a lot of books and that’s why I’m evolving every single day. I can reflect on stuff while others get stuck in a rut. Those people ask me question like why I don’t watch the news (read here why), what I think about reality shows (read here why) or why I don’t have troubles with an ex (read it here). Mostly I write about it and forget most of it. You could figure out all of this stuff if you’d used your brain. It’s really not that hard. Just use your brain! We all got one. But I get it; you’re stuck in your comfort zone. Google won’t solve all your problems for you. It’s up to you! Some blog posts might solve your problems but that might be a quick fix.

Sometimes I’ll even write to reflect on stuff. Yesterday’s post was a result of it (it’s about the fact that we’re going to die anyway). I reflected on this matter while I was writing. It took a while to finish that blog post but it was worth it.

So there you have it. There is no secret and it’s really that easy. Everybody could do it if they wanted too. But that’s when the million dollar question arises: how bad do you want it.

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