So you want to have more willpower? It’s not that hard to create an iron will. You just have to master the art of not giving a fuck. That’s actually the secret behind it. You’ll have haters in anything you try. Small minded people are just projecting their own insecurities on to you. It took me a while before I could figure out the logic behind it but I finally get it now. They want to bring others down to their level instead improving themselves. You know why? Because self- improvement is hard work and who likes doing that? Nobody right?! I’m extremely sarcastic right here. Its freaking bullshit and you need to ditch those people. Don’t put limits on yourself but more on that later.

This blog is a guide on how you can survive my 30 day challenge. So here are some tips to improve your willpower.

Willpower: just do it!

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But that’s where it all starts. You take action and that triggers a reaction aka results. Most people never even get to this point. They claim they’re going to do A today but they’ll want to do B tomorrow. They’ve had millions of ideas by the end of the year but zero results. Pretty painful if you ask me. Those people believe in short term intensity while long term consistency is the real key. That’s where it all goes wrong. But there’s more. This is where the small minded people come into play.

Let me share you some fun things that I heard in the past.

You’re going to start a blog? But you can’t even write.

You’re going to do MMA? Aren’t you too small?

I don’t give a fuck about their self- imposed limits. I just go out and actually do something. They just bitch all the time. Can you see how many fucks I gave? Oh damn they just flew away. That’s just too bad.

So you want willpower? Stick to it no matter what!

People like to settle after a while. They get into a comfort zone and never get out. It’s dangerous and it can happen to anybody! Your monkey mind is fooling you and you’re the one that doesn’t realize it. It’s like the people who go on a 30 day diet or training routine and suddenly skip a day. They lose the streak and sooner or later they are on a 30 day fast food and brownie diet. Mission failed. Once again. Yeah I get it it’s hard to diet and it’s tempting to eat brownies. But you have to stick to the goal and that’s getting in shape. You’ll never get into shape if you stop dieting all the time. First you get into shape and then you eat a brownie. Sounds logical doesn’t it? It’s all about willpower. Will is an important skill since it determines your life.

So you want willpower? Do something where you can measure the results

Dieting is a great example. You’ll have results if you’re eating right and working out. You’ll lose weight and yes it might be slowly but slow progress is still progress. You’re going to lose focus if you’re only focusing on the end result. Set out an end goal and make some short terms goals as well. They’ll motivate you to keep on pushing when you’re losing focus. Oh and always evaluate yourself.Take a look at what you did wrong. It’s a lot more important than what you did right. If you did something right changes are that you’re going to do it again. But the same goes for something that you did wrong. Focus on where you need to improve instead of focusing on your strong points.

Is it confronting? Hell yes, but it’s worth it. It’s the only way that you can improve. I do this all the time in Brazilian Ji Jitsu when I spar with higher belts. I just ask where they found a hole in my game. In that way I can work on it. They have enough tools to find a new one so that makes it so much fun.

So you want willpower? Be decisive!

Just say what you’re going to do and then do it. Don’t look for others approval. You’re doing the wrong thing if you decide to quit doing something because you can’t get people’s approval. It’s what you want and not what they want. Again master the art of not giving a fuck. There are so many people who give up everything as soon as they’re in a relationship. I really don’t get it. I would still train 6 times a week if I would be in a relationship. It’s what I like doing. Most people start to go less and less until they don’t do it anymore. Then they break up and suddenly pop back up until they get into a new relationship. Really really weird.

Those people claim that they’ve got no time. Well get up a bit earlier and plan your things. You’ll get so much done in a day, won’t have to skip training and you’ll still be in a relationship. Isn’t it great when everything works out?! I just love it.

So you want willpower? Be tough and get tougher

There are tons of examples but don’t buy unhealthy food if you can’t resist it. That’s the first step. Focus on your diet. After a while you can sit in front of dozens of brownies and still eat a salad. I saw tons of brownies in the coffee shop where I wrote this post. That’s why I’m constantly referring to brownies. It’s hard to resist them when you’re hungry. So can you guess how many I ate? I ate all of them because I was weak. I really cried when I ate them. Oh wait that’s what most people would say. I didn’t eat a single brownie. My willpower skills have gone up once again.

So you want willpower? Stop procrastinating

I know a lot of people who’ve tried cold shower or stuff like getting up earlier. They all couldn’t do it and they ask me how I do it. It’s simple, I program my mind to do it. I’ll count to 3 and sit up when I wake up at 6 am. The same goes for a cold shower. I just count to 3 and go under it. It’s not that hard. You’ll overthink things way too much if you’re not using this easy trick.

So you want willpower? Use your will useful

Your willpower is like a muscle. It fatigues as the day goes by. Most people use their willpower on dumb shit. They use their will to do things which they actually really don’t want to do. I use my willpower to make sure that I train, meditate, read and so on. Well I used to since those are all habits now. Make sure that you use your willpower to get a better life. You’ve wasted willpower if it didn’t benefit your life.

So how do you do it Alex? I schedule my stuff. Here’s what I scheduled today.

  • 6 am get up and meditate for 10 minutes
  • 6:10 read about willpower
  • 8 am make breakfast
  • 9:30 work in a coffee shop on a blogpost
  • 11:00 study an UFC fighter his style to improve mine
  • 13:00 eat burritos at my favorite burritobar
  • 19:00 MMA training
  • 21:00 eat, do some reading and plan for tomorrow
  • 22:00 watch Ballers
  • 22:30 shut down the lights , reflect on stuff that happened
  • 23:00 go to sleep

Most things are planned so I don’t need willpower to do it. I just have to take a look at my schedule. My training hours are set so I just plan around it. It’s so easy. It’s also a lot better than to get up at 6am without a plan. Changes are that you’re going back to sleep after 10 minutes.

So you want willpower? Don’t try

People always claim that they’ll try something. That’s cute but you have to do something. Don’t try, just do it. Trying leads to crying. It’s that simple. People who “try” stuff aren’t confident that they’ll actually be able to pull it off. So they fail because they weren’t a 100% committed right from the start. People will easy their mind by saying “well at least you tried”. I really hate that sentence. People should encourage people to do it again.

Well that’s it. Good luck on improving your willpower.

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