So what’s the recap of your year? Did you even think about it? You probably didn’t?! I recently wrote a whole recap of my year. I shared 16 life lessons in this post and those were the most important ones. It’s safe to say that I learned a lot more but I can’t share everything of course. I was able to do this because I recap every single day. So I take a look at what I did wrong and what I learned. I focus more on failure, to be honest. You’ll learn a lot more if you focus on those events. Aside from that, I’m always grateful for the things that went smoothly right away.

I strongly advise you to take out a notebook and a pen to write things down. This task might be a lot harder than you might imagine. Put your phone in airplane mode and make sure that nobody disturbs you. It’s time for a reality check.

So what’s the recap of your year? Let’s find out.

Most people never recap their year because they assume that they’re going to live forever. They literally deny their own mortality. That’s really sad if you ask me. Now I’m going to ask you a simple question and I know the answer in most cases. How many goals did you have this year and how many goals did you accomplish? You can’t accomplish things if you don’t set goals.

The second question isn’t an easy one either: where did you improve this year? Most people’s highlights of the year are the times where they didn’t have to work or where they could party all night long. They mostly don’t remember the latter and were bored to death when they didn’t work. So where does this leave us too? What’s the conclusion of your year? Has anything even changed at all? I advise you to be brutally honest with yourself and change for the better if you answered no to my last question. My friend, the day that you stop learning is the day that you start dying. So I guess that we can conclude that you’re already buried.

So what’s the recap of your year? Tune in tomorrow!

Tomorrow I’m going to devote a post to New Year’s Resolutions and why they’re bullshit. It’s the last post of 2017 and the last chance to write a provoking post. I probably don’t have to tell you that I took that chance with both hands.

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