The western diet caused an epidemic but can you guess which one? It caused obesity because people have no clue how they should eat these days. The fitness industry didn’t make it any better since they promote tons of different diets. I have no clue how many diets there are but there are a lot. But what made the Western diet so bad? Well it’s the fear of fat. Well not the fear of fat but the whole low fat bullshit hype. People buy low fat crap and assume that they’re eating healthy but they’re actually buying products full of sugar and chemicals. All those products don’t taste that great but they sell extremely well.

Just look at all the people who’re out of shape. They either eat low fat or tons of unhealthy fats (things like fast food). Those meals may look small but those contain a lot more calories than you might realize. So the western diet is one full of sugar and that’s not good since you’re eating more carbs than you actually need. Only people who’re active need a lot of carbs. All the other need less carbs because you’re just not using enough energy to deplete all your glycogen stores (read this post to understand what I’m talking about). You’ll burn fat as soon as those are empty. So you’re basically overloading on carbs which’ll make you fat.

What’s an alternative for the Western diet?

Well I used to weigh all my food so that I could track my calories but I stopped doing it. It’s a way too stressful way of eating. Now I just eat whatever I want but it has to be healthy. I eat the combination of protein, tons of fats (things like avocado, olive oil) and carbs (sweet potatoes, fruit and sometimes rice, couscous). I just put real food in my body. I used to do intermittent fasting in the past but I stopped doing it. I just eat when I’m really hungry. Some people drink water when they’re hungry but you should eat food when you’re hungry and drink when you’re thirsty. Just don’t eat because you’re overstressed. That’s the easiest way to get out of shape. 

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