Most people aren’t that interesting but they don’t realize it. They keep on telling the same stories and they don’t even realize it. It’s freaking boring after a while. You can tell their stories after a while and that’s no fun at all. Those people are mostly bored all day and I don’t get how they do it. How can you be bored in this day and age? There are so many interesting things to learn and you waste your time by doing nothing. Or you waste all your time on social media what’s even worse. Social media is for little boys but not for real men.

Now I assume that you want to be more interesting? Let’s take a look at how you can do it.

Skip small talk to be more interesting

I always skip the small talk since I’m really bad at it. It gets really awkward when people are constantly trying to small talk with me. Those people don’t get that I just don’t see the point in doing it. They treat me like some weirdo after a while. They can’t wrap their head around it. Sometimes it feels like I’m communicating at a higher level. These people can’t answer a question like “what do you want to do before you die?” They claim that they don’t know but they’re just too lazy to think. You’re going to die so you’d better think about what you want to do with your life. It’s funny how most people completely freak out when you skip small talk.

You’ll probably never have a Tinder date but who cares? You’ll eventually date a catch instead of a Tinder match.

Read more to be interesting

Most people claim that books are for nerds but that’s not true. People get dumb and dumber if they don’t read. I see this occur a lot and those people don’t even realize it. They chase looks instead of reading books. Books develop your mind and that makes sure that you’re able to think. You’ll learn a lot and this makes you a lot more interesting. I had never even thought about the meaning of life before I started reading. Now I wrote a whole blog about it. Smart people like to talk about ideas and you can’t develop new ideas if you’re not reading. You won’t do a lot of small talk if you’re reading a lot.

Get out of your comfort zone to be more interesting

The comfort zone is extremely boring but most people don’t get it. You’ll never be interesting if you’re never leaving it but can you guess why? Because you’re part of the herd. You’ll act like all the others and you can’t stand out in this way. A lot of people don’t seem to get this because the majority of people act like this. They’ll eventually feel cheated by life and won’t get why. I get why. It’s because you never tried to get out of your freaking comfort zone. You’re the one to blame but you won’t get that till you’re on your dead bed.

You’ll gain experiences every single day which results in new topics to talk about.

Avoiding social media makes you more interesting

A lot of people post everything they do on social media and this makes you predictable. People won’t be eager to learn to know you since they assume they already do. It’s even worse when you’re bitching all the time about all the drama in your life. Don’t be a social media zombie. You won’t find a lot on my personal Facebook profile since I don’t update it anymore. I only update Instagram since it’s connected to this blog. You still won’t know who I really am after looking at my Instagram. Remain a mystery till you meet someone interesting. After that it’s up to you what you reveal about yourself.

Try a new hobby to be more interesting

You should see people’s faces when they hear that I blog and practice MMA. Most people don’t expect it so this makes me a lot more interesting. This is due to the fact that most bloggers in Belgium are food or beauty bloggers. I’m the new player in town. You don’t have to blog or do MMA but you need a hobby. It’ll make sure that you meet new and interesting people and you’ll have new interesting things to talk about.

Being interesting is not that hard

A lot of people think that being interesting is some God given talent but that’s not true. You don’t have to be a party animal to have great conversations with people. You’re just as boring as the life you’re living. So you can’t talk about anything interesting if you’re not doing anything interesting. It’s really that simple.

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