So was yesterday your perfect Monday? Most people don’t even realize what a perfect Monday is but they all hope for it though. The perfect Monday goes as follows. You plan to change your whole life. You plan it all out and you just have to start on Monday. Why Monday you ask? Well because that’s just the perfect day off course. Who would make drastic changes on a Tuesday or even a Friday?! That’s just impossible! Society tells you to start on Monday so you start on Monday. That’s how most people think but I hate to disagree with you on this one. Okay I actually don’t. I don’t like to follow the herd.

I guess that the start of a new week has something to do with this whole hype. The perfect Monday is the magical day that never seems to arrive. The struggle is real on this one.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Monday?

I always wonder why people ditch the whole plan when it doesn’t work out. I get that you want to change your life but do you really want it? Be honest with yourself because I might get you out of your illusion in a minute. You see most people believe that they want something but in reality they don’t want it. They just want comfort. That’s where it all goes wrong since you can’t have both. You can’t stay in your comfort zone and make a drastic change in your life. Some people just don’t seem to realize this. But I hope that you get it now?  Good because I’m not done yet.

Do you really want it? I don’t think so

Most people don’t want the change bad enough. I mean why would you wait until Monday to make a new start? That’s just bullshit. People who really want something start right away. You’re already failing before you’ve even started. You can make tons of great plans but it won’t be like that. Let’s assume that you start your perfect plan by getting up early. What if you can’t get up and fall asleep again? Will you wait another week before you try it again? Well you give in to all the bad habits that kill your happiness in the first place? You can fuck up a lot in 7 days. But there’s more.

People who fail to start often have a list of excuses a well. These excuses make sure they never grow. It’s like they write a list of excuses and a perfect plan at the same time. That would be a big waste of time!

An alternative for the “perfect Monday”

There has to be a way to start the big change correct? Well there is. You just do it. I know that you’ll probably fuck up something which will make you quit but you’ve got to keep on going. It’s all about creating momentum. Make the day perfect instead of hoping for the perfect day. My days are far from perfect and there are days where most things don’t go according to plan but I make it work. I always do. Quitting isn’t an option. Quitting is what the losers do and who wants to be a loser?! I guess you don’t want to be one?!

By the way can you guess how you start the perfect Monday? With a cold shower and coffee off course!

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