Do you feel unmotivated from time to time? Congratulations you’re human! There are certain levels of course. Some people are lethargic and never seem to be motivated at all. Those people mostly look dead in their eyes. I noticed that those people are mostly bored to death but are feeling too unmotivated to change a thing about it. The struggle must be real. Those people should be more active because constantly doing nothing is pretty exhausting. That’s pretty ironic, right? Being lazy must be a full-time struggle. But I can’t relate to those people but I don’t want to either.

Here’s a short message for all the lazy people: just fucking do it! Nobody wants to hear your excuses and neither do you. I don’t want to hear that you don’t have time. Everybody has time but some people are just better at setting priorities. Are you still feeling unmotivated? Well here’s a little trick that might help you. It’s easy but beware of a certain pitfall. I’ll share it at the end of this blog. People who’re lazy can skip the last part. It’s not applicable to them.

Unmotivated? This one easy trick is going to help.

I never feel unmotivated to train MMA so that’s easy. But I sometimes feel unmotivated to write blog posts. It’s hard from time to time since I sometimes don’t seem to find a topic to write. Don’t forget that I still release 4 blogs a week since October 2016. That’s a pretty long time. But I’m not here to makes excuses, I’m here to help you! My trick is applicable to everything by the way. I sit in front of my computer and just tell myself that I’m going to write one sentence. After that I see how I feel, you’re allowed to quit here but I’m long gone at this moment. I really keep on writing until I’ve got a blog. It’s pretty funny that I can trick myself over and over again.

I assume that I’m just not prone to laziness. I really hate doing nothing. So to all the people who feel unmotivated to workout: don’t fall into the big trap to lay down after you come home from work. Don’t start to watch television. Drink some water and eat some honey and do some push-ups. You’ll suddenly feel better and keep on going.  The mind is such a beautiful thing if you know how to use it.

Unmotivated? Watch out for this.

Your body could be in a state of overtraining and then it becomes dangerous to push yourself. People who’re overtrained feel unmotivated as well. Those people should take one or even two weeks off. Don’t worry, you can’t be overtrained if you never train. People who’re overtrained mostly get injured before they even notice that they’re overtrained. So learn the difference between being overtrained and being unmotivated. A simple trick is to monitor your heart rate first thing in the morning. Mine is mostly below 50 or slightly above it. You should take a day off if your heartbeat is 10 beats per minute higher than normal.

I took another day off yesterday because I knew that training was a bad idea. It’s all about listening to your body.

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