A long time ago I wrote a post about unhappiness and how it can make you extremely stupid things (read it here). It was a top 10 post for a very long time as far as I remember. Unhappiness can wreck your whole life and you’ll be the victim of your own dumb behavior. This can result in overconsumption of booze or drugs. You wouldn’t be able to get your shit together because you aren’t facing your problems the right way. You aren’t showing what you’re made off and that’s the reason why you’re acting this dumb.

Unhappiness made me almost do the dumbest thing in life and that’s committing suicide. I was beat down to the ground and saw no way of getting back up. Luckily I didn’t perform the act and used my unhappiness in a different way. I used it as a way to change my whole life. I could have stopped after I had beaten my depression. You can read here how I did it but I didn’t want to stop there. There was a point where I realized that I wanted to get more out of life.

Unhappiness can be your biggest fuel

My depression is the first example of the fact that unhappiness doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. It’s something that can drive you to become the best version of yourself. Believe me, it’s possible to become the best version of yourself but you’ve got to put in the time and the work.

Most people don’t believe me but I really believe that everybody can reach their full potential but most people have one big issue they can’t conquer. You just need to reach a point where you really sick of your current situation. That’s your turning point.

Unhappiness can lower your self- esteem big time

Most people are extremely insecure about their appearance or potential. This combination can be a killer and is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It’s all in your head and that’s something that most people don’t even realize.

The person who says “I can” and “I can’t” are both usually right. Sounds like a dumb motivational line but this line is right. You poison your mind by telling yourself you can’t and this result in the fact that you fail. The hardest part is that you get a complete wrong image of yourself because you’re lowering your self- esteem every damn time you do this.

It would be pretty dumb to ignore this fact and pretty damn foolish to keep on doing it. It’s always better to make a change but are you prepared to do it? Just use your mind because it’s the most powerful supplement on this earth.

Unhappiness: what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger

Life is all about perception. You can label a situation as either good or bad. So learn to master the art of turning the odds into your favor. What doesn’t kill you really makes you stronger. Most people just die mentally after a setback. Not literally off course but most people never recover from a setback. This is something that shouldn’t occur in this day and age anymore. Those people don’t realize that the cure for the pain is always in the pain.

This may be a lot to process but realize that it’s a long process. Change never happens overnight.

In conclusion: unhappiness should be your stepping stone and not something that holds you down.

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