There are a lot of people who’re complaining that they’re tired all the time . They get up tired and go to sleep full of energy. How’s that even possible? That’s the opposite of what it should be isn’t it? We should get up energized and go to sleep with a tired feeling.  The majority of people seem to manage to fuck up their whole biorhythm. I haven’t met a lot of people who’re my age who aren’t tired all the time. There are multiple reasons on why this occurs in this generation. Let’s face it we’re just a pussy generation. We’re all part of a new society that has become extremely lazy. We all crave for the comfort zone and that’s not the place where you should be.

That comfort zone includes a couch or a bed, some unhealthy food and tons of series or movies. Most people are able to waste (yes waste) a whole day in bed. But they’re surprised that they’re tired all the time. The irony is real when it comes to this matter. The normal people are some of a kind, that’s for sure.

So lets take a look at the common mistakes that make you feel tired.

You’re tired because you’re eating unhealthy

Ever heard the saying you are what you eat? I eat healthy food so I feel healthy others eat shitty food so they feel like shit. It’s really that easy. You can’t expect to feel good after eating unhealthy a whole day. One salad a month won’t make you healthy either. Eat healthy and feel healthy. Pick out some quality food and lose the sugar addiction. You’ll feel more energetic and suddenly more disciplined as well.

You’ll have to sacrifice some time to eat healthy but it’s worth it? My overall health and body are a top priority in my life. I could easily eat my own cooked food while others eat pizza, fries and so on. You would do the same if you would as energetic as me. Some people claim that I’m a narcissist. They’re just lazy and hate on the fact that I put in the work.

People who’re in shape have never called me a narcissist. Do I need to tell you more?

What if I don’t know how to cook healthy

Well just visit the blog from my buddy Luke. It’s contain nothing but healthy and easy recipes (I wrote a guest post with a recipe for healthy pancakes). You’ll have some inspiration and you’ll be eating healthy every day.

On the side note: Yes you can have a cheat day but you’ll need them less and less after a while. Sometimes I have to force myself to eat unhealthy. I always wonder how people are able to maintain such an unhealthy lifestyle. There’s nothing to gain but I guess it’s comfortable.

Indulging too much alcohol makes you tired

I’m stopped drinking alcohol (here’s why) and I feel a lot more energetic. Yes even more energetic. I wasn’t a big drinker anyway but there are more people who had the same effect. There’s a reason why so many alcoholics sleep during the day. I’m not saying that you should stop drinking alcohol but don’t overdo it. Moderation is the key when it comes to alcohol.

I’ve never seen an issue solved by two drunk people, it mostly got worse. You feel horrible the day after a night of heavy drinking and you couldn’t perform because you were to drunk (here’s why). So what’s the point of getting extremely drunk anyway?

I don’t need the alcohol because I’ve found piece of mind. Most people didn’t believe me but Tony Robbins claims the same in his book Awaking The Gaint Within. It’s a great book if you’re serious about making a change in your life (buy it here).

You’re sleeping too much and don’t have a sleep pattern

I get up at 6:30 every day and go to bed around 22:30, maybe 23:30 worst case scenario. I’m more energetic than most people that I know. The reason is simple, I have a sleeping pattern and my body only needs 8 hours of sleep. Most people get up early in the week because they have too and sleep late in weekends. You should get up early in the weekends as well if you want to feel less tired. Your biorhythm will wake you up anyway so why would you sleep more? So you could wake up tired?

Sleeping too much can make you tired as well. Sounds weird but sleeping more than 9 hours will make you extremely tired. You only need 7 to 9 hours of sleep so why would you sleep more? I know why because you have no clue what you should do with your life. Find a hobby, read some books, learn something new…. The options are endless so what are you waiting for?

Doing nothing makes you…. extremely tired

Humans are made to be active but most people aren’t. They get up and sit all day at work. They come home and sit in front of television the entire evening. I became tired just by thinking about it. How can you expect to feel healthy and energetic if you aren’t moving? Walk, run, lift some weight or do my busy people training routine. Just move, fill your lungs with oxygen and let the blood run through your veins. You’ll feel back alive in no time.

That’s probably the reason why you feel full of energy when you need to go to bed. You weren’t active and didn’t use a lot of energy during the day. Your body needs to get rid of it so it gives you signals to be more active. Most people just don’t get those that being actually gives you energy.

Your excuses make me tired

But Alex it’s cold outside. Well I take cold showers and cold baths. I’ve got a buddy who goes outside in his t shirt when it’s freezing. You just need to learn to adapt to the cold. Wim “the Iceman” Hof wrote a great book about it.  You’ll begin to enjoy the cold before you know it. It’s really not that hard.

You don’t have a goal in life

Most people really have no clue what they want in life so they’ll take day by day. No wonder that you stay in bed all day, you’ve got no clue on how you should spend your time. Just work towards a goal and set a new one once you’ve achieved it. You’ll wake up full of energy when you’ve got a goal in life. Life becomes a lot more exciting so what are you waiting for?

Don’t claim that you’re waiting for the right time because life will punch you in the face. You need to punch back when life starts throwing punches.

Being stuck in a rut makes you tired

Most people go to jobs that they hate but they keep on doing them. They always tell others that they’ll quit their job once they’ve found another job. But guess where they are within 20 years or even 40 years. They retire from the same job because they’re afraid of the unknown. Just get out and go look for a new job. You’ll have to find a new job and you’ll find one because there’s no other option. Do what you love and love what you do. Don’t do what you hate and hate what you do. Nobody gets better by doing that.

Low testosterone levels make you…. tired

Stress is a major testosterone killer and your body can get used to it. So it’s an understatement if I would tell you that stress is dangerous. Stress is a killer. All the things that I mentioned above are testosterone killers. Take care of them one by one and you’ll become a completely different person in no time.

Testosterone is man’s forgotten best friend and that’s what most guys don’t realize.

You’ve got one body so you better take care of it.

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