The Tinder files: stop chasing girls part 2, sounds like an offensive blog post doesn’t it? It might offend you in the end but that’s only because you can’t handle the truth. This blog is a bit different since it’s the first and probably the last time that I’m going to give away what inspired me to write this post. I recently wrote a thank you blog post that included a short message. I shared my post popular post in this blog and that blog just hit the 2000 readers mark (read it here). So I decided to do as I promised and write a sequel. The first one was fun to write so can you guess how I felt when I wrote the second one? My friends this is stop chasing girls part 2. You better start to shiver because I’m going to deliver. 

The Tinder files: stop chasing girls because it’s too easy

A phone can ruin your life bigtime and I forget about the fact that it can make you chase girls. Just install one or multiple dating apps, set a certain distance and start swiping your precious time away. It’s pretty damn popular but it makes sure that you’ll shoot yourself in the foot. Imagine this: you’ve got a match with a girl that’s your type. You talk and there’s a great connection but suddenly you get more matches and they might be more attractive. Now you’re talking to multiple girls while you ditched the first one. The others turn out to be not so great and you regret the decision. So you contact the first girl again but it’s too late my friend. The ship has sailed.

But luckily you do what everybody would do. You learn from the mistake and stop chasing girls. Oh wait that’s what most guys don’t do. Most guys keep on chasing girls. They do it like a boss otherwise it wouldn’t count. Girls shop their troubles away while guys swipe their troubles away.  Maybe we’re not that different after all.

The Tinder files: stop chasing girls because they might be bored

Most people’s life is a big struggle. Especially during the weekend. I mean you’ve got so much time. The struggle is real. People almost die from boredom when I tell them that I get up at 6am every morning. So people spend time on dating apps to kill time. They’re just playing games. It’s sad but it’s also true. They’re just wasting your precious time. They’re not hard to get but not to get at all. Let me put it this way: you act like a dog who’s trying to catch his own tail. Pretty sad isn’t it? I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t invest time in a girl whom doesn’t want to meet up. So why are you still doing it? Because you’re bored as well? I seriously don’t get how people can be bored so easily these days.

Another dumb argument that I heard is that some guys want to practice their “game”.

What’s practicing game?

Let me explain it nice and easy. You practice martial arts but you don’t practice game. You either have a great connection with someone or you don’t. Easy right?! You can’t fake that or you can’t force people to connect with you. It’s all bullshit that’s made up by the pick up artist industry. Your little act will be exposed in no time. You can play games all you want but every game comes to an end. It’s game over for you my friend. You cheated on yourself by forcing someone to like you.

Just stop talking if you there’s no great connection. You don’t want to make things awkward. That’s what most guys don’t get. The magical game can solve everything according to them. Clearly it doesn’t solve ignorance.

The Tinder files: stop chasing girls because they can’t be alone

Can you guess what most people do after they’ve broken up with someone? They go on Tinder to fill up the empty space. It’s a big mistake but most people do it anyway. Guess who could fill in the blanks. You off course. I just doubt that you’ll be happy. You’ll end up in a toxic relationship in no time. You’re just the replacement for the previous guy. I’m pretty sure that you’ll hear a comparison from time to time. That’s when you really need to get out. You shouldn’t have been involved in the first place but that’s your decision.

The Tinder files: I’m surprised

I was pretty surprised when I realized that the chasing girls post was the most popular one. I didn’t get it at the time but now I do. It’s an ego thing. You assume that you’re better when you’re more popular with girls. I also assume that guys wanted a solution to make the girl chase them so that’s why I’m going to tell you the truth.

You’re wasting your time if you’re chasing a girl. It might be fun in the beginning but it’ll be energy draining after a while. You’ll end up frustrated. You’ll know when you date someone who’s worth the time and effort. It’ll feel natural. You won’t have to analyze text messages or body language. You won’t be reading a post like this.  Once again: you can’t fake that feeling. Really weird that people don’t get this.

An alternative to chasing girls part 2

Live life! Don’t let your life be dictated by another person and stop glancing at your phone. Just stop chasing love and start chasing a better life! Chase your dreams,  your dog, a promotion…. Chase the fucking sunrise. This one is a great experience if you’re in a foreign country. There are no words to describe it. Just be present in the moment and enjoy it. There are so many things that are worth the chase. No I’m not talking about girls! Did you even read this post?! You’re an idiot if you even thought about it.

Are there other things that I can do Alex? Off course! Read books and forget about the looks. Constantly strive to become a better version of yourself. You’ll develop a better mindset by reading. So you’ll turn into a better, smarter more interesting person. Time will fly by and you won’t have all the frustrating dates and fucked up conversations. You’ll be happy because you improve. Guess what’ll happen next. You’ll meet the love of your life. It’s really that easy.

I might write a third part in the future who knows.

Stay tuned.

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