There’s only one thing that’s impossible in life. Well actually two since you’ll never own a dinosaur as a pet. You’re probably disappointed but I had the same feeling when I heard the news that I couldn’t own a dinosaur. But what’s really impossible? Can you name something that sounds impossible in your opinion? The answer is actually simple; the only thing that’s impossible is to beat a person that doesn’t want to give up. It’s really impossible to do. They have such a strong self- belief that you’re drawn to them. They even make you relive all your childhood dreams. Cool isn’t it? Get ready for some #instamotivation.

Nothing is impossible: just fucking do it

There’s only one difference between you and them: they just freaking do it and you just fuck around while you accomplish nothing. They believe that nobody can beat them and they make it all come true. They make all the sacrifices to make things come true. Those people are smart and they aren’t social media zombies like most people. I mean they make anything seem possible because in the end nothing really is impossible. People just make life so much harder than it is. There’s no need to do it but it’s what again 99% of the people are guilty off. So maybe you should stop following the herd and start following your dreams.

Nothing is impossible

Remember when I talked about Mediations (the famous book written by Marcus Aurelius)? The book was written before Christ and even he didn’t believe in talent. He also thought that nothing was impossible if you just put in the time and the work. Robert Greene his book “Mastery” (buy it here) is another great example of the fact that humans are really capable of doing anything.

Most people claim that talent does exist but you’re denying the hard work that others put in. Well it’s that but also the fact that you’re too afraid to do something yourself. You’re just easing your mind and accepting the fact that you’re lazy. Nobody just wants to hear that they’re lazy. Stop making excuses and start to accomplish shit. I really hate people who make excuses all the time. Get your life in check and stop whining. Not a single problem was solved by complaining about it and not a single thing was accomplished by doing nothing.

Do you get it? You do? So why are still reading this blog and not pursuing what you really want? Get up and do shit because nothing impossible.

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