I’m kidding there’s nothing wrong with the educational system. There’s something seriously wrong with the educational system. Yeah I get it you just want to bitch about the fact that I’m a college drop out. But does this mean that I’m dumb? You might reconsider this thought. I mean it’s arrogant because you’re assuming that you’re better than me because you’ve got a degree. Your thinking is ego driven and that’s where it all goes wrong. Your ego is your worst enemy. You need to realize that it’s holding you down but can you guess what you’ll need to do? That’s right, you’ll need to let go of your ego. Maybe you should read Ego Is The Enemy. Anyway let’s take a look at what’s wrong with the educational system.

The educational system learns you to follow all the rules

There will be rules that you’ll always have to follow (like don’t cross a street when you’re not allowed) but can you guess what Arnold Schwarzenegger second rule for success was? It’s break the rules or break the rules and beat the fools as I like to say it. You see you’ve got 2 options: you do what 99% of the people does but you can’t complain that you end like them or you do what you want and break some “rules” to get there. But I get it, it’s easy to do what the majority does since it’s comfortable. This brings me to the next points.

The educational system learns keeps you in a comfort zone

The comfort zone is extremely dangerous since you can’t grow as long as you’re in it. I’ve never heard about getting out of the comfort zone in college or high school. I only learned to follow the rules and stay in the comfort zone as much as possible.

The educational system learns you stuff from smart people but…

Do you know Einstein? You do? Did you know that he didn’t had a high school degree? There are more examples of people who did it but do you get my point. We learn theories from people who didn’t have a degree and this isn’t mentioned in high school or college. My teachers always made me believe that I would become a big loser if I didn’t get a college degree. So what’s the lesson here? It’s all about mindset and dedication. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

The educational system makes you hate learning

Did you hate to learn all that useful stuff as well? Did you hate reading because of all those bookreports? I know that I did. I didn’t see the point in learning stuff that you didn’t need in real life. Most people hate learning and that’s why they won’t evolve anymore. They get dumb and dumber and they don’t realize it.

The educational system doesn’t reward the people who work

There are 2 kinds of students: the ones that work hard and the ones that party hard. In the end they all get the same degree and the same paycheck. Why would you even bother working hard since the end results is just the same. This is something that I really hated about college. I need something that motivates me and this didn’t motivate me at all. The lazy ones may be happy with it but it’s not really fair. Although that I’ve got to admit that I didn’t work hard in college. I it’s just what it is. I did a lot of escapism in college and didn’t focus on studying at all. Escawhat? Escapism, read the blog you’ll be entertained.

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