Let’s talk about faith here for a minute. A lot of people assume that faith will solve everything. I mean does it really? I’ve seen people praying while they should have taken action. I’ve seen people give up on stuff and claim that faith would sort out the rest. Those people should have pushed on. I’m going to quote The Bible once again but I just had too.  Just take a look at this particular quote. This was an answer from God to Moses when Moses was praying to him: “Why are you crying out to me? Just keep moving on.” (Exodus 14-15).

That sentence is right you know. I mean why would you sit down and pray while there’s a whole horde of angry Egyptians trying to kill you. I don’t see the point of doing that. Do you? I would keep on walking or running no matter what. So tell me do you still count on faith to solve things?

Faith and what I learned from a mentor.

I like having a mentor. I have multiple mentors, to be honest. You see when I dropped out of college I made a huge goal list and getting a mentor was a top priority. It’s easier to learn from others mistakes and sometimes they make you see things in another way. That’s what happened. We were talking about my future goals, failure, and faith. I told him that keep working towards my goals and that faith would take care of the rest. I literally said this: ‘I can’t fail because I’ve got faith on my side.’ He then told me something pretty remarkable. He told me that I just had confidence in myself but didn’t acknowledge it.

So I reflected on this of course since I’m an analytical thinker. And then it struck me. All the things that seemed like faith helped me out were just the result of me taking action or me not willing to give in. I’m still pretty spiritual but am aware that believing in faith can make people pretty passive. I mean maybe that’s the reason why people don’t like religion and philosophy anymore. 

But… and it’s a big but…

People without a purpose in life shouldn’t rely on it. They’ll probably ask for the things that they want but never get them because they didn’t take action. That’s where the law of attraction comes into play. You just have to say what you want and then you need to go get it. The law of attraction will take care of the rest. You’ll grow in the process and see more and more opportunities that you’ve missed in the past. Since that’s what you get when you’re focused. It’s not faith. It’s you who’s finally got some confidence in yourself.

So it’s like I said in the past: mirror mirror on the wall. I’ve set some goals and I’m going to crush them all. But this time I’ve got confidence in myself.

Trust yourself and the process. That’s really it.

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