You should stop reading the commercial fitness magazines and sites Do you know why? The reason are pretty simple but are mostly overlooked

All due to creatine

The fitness industry is a big business. You can’t deny this; almost every bodybuilder has his own supplement company.

They have three things in common

  • These are all the best and everything you need for big gains
  • They all claim to be extremely necessary when you workout
  • You need to combine all of their products in order to get the best result

But why do we believe this nonsense? Why do people still spend tons of money to all these supplements and magazines?

You feel insecure and the magazines and sites promise you golden results

I will never forget why I bought my first fitness magazine, I wanted to become bigger and the cover just convinced me to buy it.

On the cover there was a CGI hulk posing with his massive body. The magazine shared all the routines that the actors had used. Now which young guy doesn’t want to look like captain America or Thor?

After that, I kept buying the magazines until the issue with The Rock as a cover model. Suddenly I started realizing something, these magazines were full of commercials and the advice wasn’t for natural athletes.

Training six times a week isn’t possible if you’re not a sponsored athlete, it fucks up your social life, your overall and hotmonal health.

These magazines wouldn’t give me great results even if I did everything they said.

The fitness magazines and sites are sponsored by supplement companies

Just go to your local newspaper store and grab an issue of any fitness magazine. Almost every page is covered with a new supplement company that promotes their number one supplement.

These magazines and sites give you the feeling that you can’t make any progress what so ever if you don’t take supplements. Almost in every issue they include a famous fitness model that shares his diet and they have one thing in common.

They claim to stuff themselves full of pills and powder, but what most people don’t realize is that they’re paid to tell you this.

Everybody believes/believed it

But I’ve got to admit that I used whey protein for quite a long time. I never liked the taste but according to those magazines you should eat your bodyweight in protein every day.

That’s why whey protein is the most popular supplement, it’s nearly impossible to get that much protein in one day.

The biggest joke about all this is that you don’t even need that much protein. I realized this when I was reading Sports Nutrition by Anita Bean. You need 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. That’s it; more will be secreted by the kidneys because your body doesn’t need it. I suggest you all to read this book. It’s a good book although I do not agree with everything she says,.

One of the biggest reasons these supplements are becoming more popular is simple.Modern people are lazy and always looking for a quick fix. Some companies are pretty smart marketers in that matter, just change you meals by shakes and get your dream body.

People fall for this like flies since you don’t have to cook just shake it and drink it.

If you read the little letters on supplements they all tell you the same, supplements shouldn’t replace real food. It’s called a supplement with a reason nitwit.

I can’t give you specific brands because they’ll probably sue me and I don’t want to fight in court against million dollar companies.

I’ve stopped taking the commercial supplements and I never had stomach problems again.

Also don’t forget the itching face that you get after taking a pre workout. You look like a moron when you constantly touch your own face because it feels funny.

So you don’t take a shake after your work out? But what about your anabolic window?

You can arrest me because I broke the anabolic window. I ‘ll never eat within those 30 minutes not even the first four hours. It feel better to eat when I’m hungry. I could say sorry for this but it remains an overvalued word in my opinion.

They never mention that the athletes use steroids

Yes I’m talking about steroids.

When you open those magazines everybody is natural. All the result come from hard work, six meals a day and supplements. But their athletes on steroids? Nah, they are completely natural.

It’s funny that everybody who tries these routine get quickly out of their delusion.  It becomes frustrating that you work equally hard, eat the same foods and take the same shit. Only you feel like shit and don’t make impressive progress. You’re getting burned out day by day.

So what happens next? You’ll go grab a new routine and get into a vicious circle.

My nephew is somebody who keeps making this mistake.

When I stopped doing splits I made real strength gains, he was jealous about it but didn’t believe it was due to the change in my training.

More and more people tend to do this.

Get out of the fitness industry mindset and start making real gains.

The cover models have unrealistic physiques

When these models do a cover shoot they’ll get tanned, pose with a pump and manipulating the lighting can do magic.

Even without those three factors they are still not realistic, but many people want to look like these guys.

Even the movie star physiques are extremely popular with the younger guys. Some actors use steroids to get to a certain physique, don’t be naïve.

You get unrealistic expectations and need to get rid of those.

Never compare yourself to other people who train, you can’t change you genetics. Be happy with your physique and keep training.

You’ll notice that training gets a lot more enjoyable.

Once you read one you’ve read them all

The tips in these magazines are always the same and tend to get boring. I’ve never read a whole magazine, mostly the parts that interested me the most.

Most bodybuilders admit steroids abuse after their career

You can find former bodybuilders who admit this. Off course they’ll do this years after their career.

After all those years they’ve sold thousands of training programs  to unknowing kids, dreaming to look like them.

Well I’m here to break with the bodybuilding-lies and tell you the truth.

You shouldn’t chase these physiques just like you shouldn’t chase girls.

In a future blog post I’ll give you some examples of training routines that really work.


The easy quick fix makes the smart ones rich.

Or: give all the money of the rich to the poor and they rich will become rich again. You know I’m right just think about it.

Till next time


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