It all starts with one. But most people won’t get what I’m talking about. They’ll define me as an odd guy who communicates in riddles. But everything starts with one. One what Alex? It just takes a single blog post to start a blog. My blog was the result of that single blog post. Most people tend to overthink everything and will just procrastinate till it’s too late. Too late to make the most out of it and those people will regret it. So the message in this pretty simple. You have to take action if you really want to do something. 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

There are a lot of people who try martial arts and give up after a single training. They like the fact that they’re able to punch people and their ego grows bigtime. The ego will grow till the inevitable happens. They’ll get hit in the face and have no clue what just happened. So the people quit because they’ve got a weak mindset. So what’s the clue here? You should push on when times get though. A lot of people assume that there’s something like an overnight success but it just doesn’t exist. Those people started their journey and never took a look back. That’s what you should do as well.

 You will hit a lot of obstacles on the road. You’ll hear no thousands of times but can you guess what it takes to make a difference? One single yes will make a difference and that’s what it takes. But what do I do in the meantime Alex? Well you just work your freaking ass off. That’s all it takes. It’s really weird that most people don’t get this. Well the normal people are just getting dumb and dumber as time progresses.

Anyway, take the first step, start walking and never ever try to stop because you will regret it.

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