Could you please save your drama for your mama? Most people can produce a lot of drama in a day and it’s pretty exhausting to be honest. They should rename Queens to Drama Queens and invite all the toxic people over there. I would never visit that place. There would be too much negativity. But why do people turn into drama queens? That’s a pretty intriguing question isn’t it? Well I’ll try to explain it to you.

People cause drama because…

Most people have a giant ego but they won’t admit it or don’t realize it. Ego is your worst enemy but that’s something that most people don’t seem to get. So those people can only see things from their perspective and this can become a lot of problems overtime. Their perception defines their reality. Others could do something that they don’t like and those people will always take it personal. Those people don’t get that they’re overreacting but they’ll even cause more drama if you would point this out. So what do you do? You get rid of them. Life’s too short to hang around with people who cause drama all the time.

Just don’t give a fuck! Can you guess why? Because people become dumb and dumber after a certain age. It’s useless to try to change them. People only change when they really want to and that’s the problem. Most of them don’t want it bad enough.

They do it because…

They want to be heard. Some people will do anything to get some attention. They want to feel important and will act like a victim all the time. It’s all an act and they’ll feel happy as soon as they’ve got some attention. The only problem is that this feeling is only temporary so they’ll cause drama pretty soon again. Sounds pretty fun doesn’t it?

They do it because…

They’re addicted to it. You should need to get rid of these people period. Some people cause more drama than the average drama movie. The only difference is that you can turn off a movie. You can’t turn off a person.

Save your drama for you mama

This was actually a quote that I used to point out that someone was whining. Yeah I wasn’t shy to throw around some fancy one- liners when I was attending my last year in college. I still do it to this day onward. Now to all the little boys who cause a lot of drama: step up, shut up and man the f@ck up. I don’t care if you’re doing it in real life or on social media. It needs to stop right now. Don’t be part of our pussy generation. You’re causing a lot of unnecessary problems for other people.

Do you get what I mean? Good. Now save your drama for your mama and man the fuck up. Because people have important stuff to do and your little ego isn’t important at all.

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