I recently took a week off since I really needed it. My body was over trained and I would burn out at this pace. But I was pretty tactical to make sure that I would be well rested after this week. My approach is a bit different than most people. Most people take a week off and do nothing. Well they do nothing even if they don’t take a week off. But really doing nothing is really boring and makes you tired. Besides I’m pretty sure that you could take a look at why you’re body needs rest. Trained too much? Are you completely overstressed?

Maybe you’re just tired out of boredom? But make no mistake we all need some time off from time to time. But you’ll need it pretty soon again if you take the wrong approach.

The week off: rest instead of popping pills

I was over trained and tired and there’s not a pill that can solve it. The same goes for overstressed people. Take a break and rest. I didn’t even set an alarm clock. I just slept till I woke up and started the day. The days were far from active in comparison to what I usually do. I walked a bit, wrote a blog, read a bit and watched movies or television shows to relax. I even played video games at a certain point and I enjoyed it. So really nothing fancy besides the fact that I had 2 job interviews. So I did the bare minimum.

I liked it till I hit the 3 day of doing nothing streak. I really wanted to train again. Harsh times. Other people will start to think about work and stress out again. Most people don’t take rest seriously and those people are heading to burn out city. It has a large population these days since you can get prescription drugs for almost everything. They only make the problems worse though.

The week off: examine if you did something wrong

I looked at my training routine and realized that I had trained too much. Or too heavy on some days. So I made a new routine that’ll make sure that I’ll recover better. I’ll still take one week off in a year but I’ll make sure that I’m never that over trained again. A week off is a quick fix but not a solution. You didn’t solve the actual problem by taking a week off. It might return rather quickly if you’re not aware of what caused the actual problem.

So to the people who work too much: you need to rest from time to time. You better learn it the easy way instead of the hard way.

The week off: my new recovery secret

I have a new recovery secret besides sleep off course. I already wrote a blog about how you can recover faster and used my knowledge from that one. I just juiced first thing in the morning. It consisted of:

Just mix it and drink it up. That’s it. I still drink it every day. It has a lot of health benefits.

The week off: keep on reading

You should keep on reading in my opinion. I just read a book that was an easy read and one that I had already read. That made it easy for me to stay sharp. It doesn’t require a lot of energy to do it either. So forget about the looks and read some books. Why you ask? Because you don’t want to be the one that becomes dumb and dumber after the age of 23.

So that’s it: rest, juice, read, watch some movies and look extremely handsome while doing it

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