Did you know that I didn’t drink a drop of booze since the summer of 2016? I’m pretty proud of it, to be honest. I once wrote a post about why I didn’t like it but I never gave a reason on why I stopped indulging booze. I can tell you that a lot of people don’t get it. Most of them came up with their own theories on why I stopped and they’re pretty funny, to be honest. Someone claimed that I couldn’t handle alcohol. That guy claimed that I couldn’t drink a lot without being drunk. This is just dumb if you ask me. I wouldn’t be proud if I would be able to indulge a lot of booze. People who’re able to drink a lot are trained to do it. This is pretty problematic if you ask me.

Most stories that start with vodka end up with a hangover or with a one night stand that at least one of the two regrets. Well enough about booze. Ladies and gentlemen, I stopped drinking booze and here’s why.

I had a good reason to stop drinking booze.

It was the summer of 2016 and I was spending my vacation in Mallorca with friends. During that holiday a buddy of mine proposed to his girlfriend. This was something that we had to celebrate. So we were at a club and I started to look around. Most people were completely wasted and suddenly it struck me. I didn’t need booze because I was happy. I always linked booze to a way to escape my problems in the past. It was a subtle form of escapism that nobody seemed to recognize. The sad reality is that most people still do it these days and society doesn’t seem to mind it. That night I told myself and my friends that I would never drink again. They didn’t believe it back then but they sure do now.

You’ve got to realize that you’re not tough because you’re able to drink a lot. You’re tough when you dare to step away from the herd.

You’re not cool because you’re doing what others do. It’s just a sign that you’ve got no backbone at all. Only a fool will chase everything that’s cool.

What if I drink booze? What’s the point of this blog?

I’m not claiming that all people who drink booze are unhappy. Some people drink it in moderation and just enjoy it. I’m not judgmental towards those people. I mean, I smoke Cuban cigars from time to time (maybe 5 a year). But people who go overboard most of the time can’t be too happy if you ask me. It’s sad if you’re drinking just to kill time. It’s even sadder if you’re drinking booze to escape your reality. Booze doesn’t make your troubles go away but it’ll mostly create more. Just think about the guys who start to fight or the girls who’re happy at first and completely depressed after a while. You can tell a lot about a person just on how they’re dealing with booze.

What’s fun about being hungover anyways?! I seriously don’t get it and I don’t want to either.

People have drunk personalities

Another indicator is the drunken personality that most people seem to have. The guy who only cheats on his girlfriend when he’s drunk is just a cheater. The girl that turns into a bitch when she’s drunk is just a bitch in general. They use booze as an excuse to hide who they really are. Some people are just completely fucked up. I really pity the people who keep on falling for those peoples lies.

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