Have you ever wondered what the meaning of a day could be? You probably didn’t? Most people don’t like to think about this stuff and that’s why they become dumb and dumber as they age. Everything has a meaning in life but most people just don’t realize it. It’s hard to think about this stuff and reflect on it. I mean I wrote a blog about the meaning of life but I’m not sure that I’m right. Nobody knows the meaning of life but some of us like to think about it. You can argue your whole life about it but we’ll never know I guess. But we can’t argue about the meaning of a day. That’s pretty simple in my opinion.

The meaning of a day and my Tuesday

Beep beep beep beep beep beep… it’s 5 am in the morning and my alarm goes off once again. I get up at 5 am these days but I’m not a morning person. I go down, drink some water and go out for a run. Yes you’ve read it correctly I ran 30 minutes on a Tuesday morning at 5 o’clock in the morning. Did I have too? No but I wanted to do it. My resting heart rate is 52 so it’s safe to say that I’m in great shape. I came back and looked at the sky after I hit the heavy bag. I suddenly wondered what the meaning of a day could be. Can you guess what I noticed? I didn’t see a single person on the road where I ran. Everybody was still sleeping, probably hoping to wake up in another life that’s better.

Those people don’t kickstart their day. I do and you know why? Because I get the meaning of a day.

The meaning of a day

Every day is a test of your performance. You’re given 24 hours so it’s your task to make the most out of it. I only sleep 6 hours these days. Sometimes I’ll add an afternoon nap if I’m really tired but that’s only for 10 minutes. You’ve got 24 hours to make your day successful. You should succeed for yourself but also for the people who depend on you. So in these 24 hours you can either work your ass off or binge watch your favorite show. You can rely on each hour passing but you can’t rely on what each hour will bring.

It could bring you failure.

It could even bring you adversity.

You can always start your day prepared so you don’t have to waste a single second wondering what’ll come. So you face the challenges head on without a single hesitation. So get the job done and end every single day with the confidence that you can get up and do it all again tomorrow. You’ve got 24 hours ahead of you. Will you make them count or will you sleep all your remaining time on this earth away?

Beep beep

beep beep

Snooze and you lose

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