Say hello to the quick fix generation that lives in frustration. Do they get why? Probably not so that’s why I devote this blog post to them. I already devoted a blog on this matter but it wasn’t complete (read the first one here). I’m pretty confident that the second one will even be more popular since people don’t like to hear the truth. They avoid it at all costs because it makes them realize they’re living in an illusion.

Let’s take a quick look at the definition of a quick fix (I actually hate definitions): something that seems to be a fast and easy solution to a problem but is in fact not very good or will not last long. 

That’s what most people don’t seem to get. It might seem like a good choice in the short run but it’ll be extremely frustrating in the long run. Life’s a party am I right?! But only from on Friday and Saturday night no? Some people live really confusing lives if you ask me. 

The quick fix generation and the abuse of the word sorry.

I don’t like the word sorry and you know why? Because it’s an easy way out. People can act like assholes 24/7 but get away with it if they say sorry. Doesn’t make sense to me. You won’t get away with the word if you’re not learning your lesson. You’ll have to prove that you’re sorry and I don’t want to hear those dumb excuses either. Excuses make sure that you never grow. I mean how long can you keep this act going? You’ll be unmasked anyway if you’re playing an act.

That’s why I like the two strikes and you’re out principle. It just makes living a drama free life so damn easy.

The quick fix generation and relationships.

I noticed that most people go from one relationship to another just to avoid things like loneliness, boredom and so on. But they neglect an important part after that break-up. They don’t learn the necessary lessons to move one to a better relationship. They just replace the person with another person because that’ll solve everything right? Well actually no. It won’t. You’ll be doomed and part of the ex-files. That’s the easiest way to live a frustrating life.

The quick fix generation and fuckbuddies.

People are pretty fond of fuckbuddies these days. All the no strings attached stuff. But why? Well, maybe a lot of people are afraid to be vulnerable. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and most people just can’t do it. I mean that’s taking the bull by the horns. No excuses or bullshit. just the plain truth and that’s it. Our social media society has gone extremely soft and it’s an issue. Keeping everything for yourself will make you an emotional wreck in the long run. It’s just a one-way road to burnout city and I can guarantee you that the population is rapidly increasing in that city.

The quick fix generation and cheating.

I don’t get why people cheat on their partner, to be honest. I don’t see where you’ll get something positive out of it. You’ll probably attract a lot of drama afterward but that’ll be it I guess. It’s just safe to say that unhappiness makes you do crazy stupid shit. Yes, those people are part of the quick fix generation. They get into an affair to avoid the tension in their own marriage. It’s basically a form of escapism and escapism will do you no good at all. You’ll pay the price cash for that one.

The quick fix generation and fitness.

Most people don’t know the value of hard work anymore. They want a killer body but don’t want to work for it. So they follow all kinds of crazy diets and training routines that lead nowhere. Or they realize that sure that they start a couple of months before the summer start. You can’t get into a decent shape in a couple of months. It’s a lifestyle and that’s what most people don’t seem to get.

The quick fix generation: work and burnout.

So many people rely on energy drinks and pills these days. They live an unhealthy lifestyle because they live according to some dumb rules like time is money. There’s no excuse for why you’re wrecking your own health. It’s really stupid and most people don’t seem to get it. No pill will cure your burnout. You just need to rest. No multivitamin will make up for the fact that you smoke like a chimney and eat tons of processed food. Stop being part of the quick fix generation and start adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Oh and ask yourself this easy question: do you work to live or live to work. It might help in the quest for a healthier more balanced life.

The quick fix generation: the lottery.

I don’t play the lottery and I never will either. It’s a joke, a fluke, and a big trap. But most people don’t seem to get it. They prefer to play the lottery because they don’t want to work hard. I mean it sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Invest a small amount of money and get really rich because you’ve bought the golden ticket. So there are some people who win the jackpot but they lose everything else (friends, family etc). Eventually, they’ll lose all the money and even go into debt. That’s the future of every lottery winner. Sad isn’t it?

I can’t value thing which I didn’t work for and that’s probably why I don’t like fuckbuddies. It’s too easy and cheap. Things that come easy always come with a price and you’ll have to pay as soon as the bill gets presented.You’ll just never know how much life will charge you.

In conclusion: the quick fix generation.

In conclusion: the quick fix generation lives in confusion.

The quick generation lives in frustration.

The quick fix generation does a lot of annihilation.

I never dated Kate Moss but I still rhyme like a boss.

On the side note: I have no clue what Kate Moss looks like. That’s just what happens if you’re unworldly. I could Google it but in the end, there’s just no point in doing that.

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