Most people have drunk personalities and they just seem to accept it. They’ve never wondered why they’re behaving like this and I can imagine that they don’t want to do it as well. Drunk personalities are interesting in my opinion. It’s because some people just become a whole different person when they’re not sober. I’m not talking about their wobbly way of walking and the fact that they need to puke every 3 seconds. I’m talking about how people behave when they’re drunk. I had my fair share of alcohol in the past but I stopped drinking this summer. I didn’t see the point in consuming it anymore. Suddenly I reached a point where I was happy with myself.

There was no point in drinking since I wasn’t trying to escape reality anymore. Most people don’t realize the dangers behind their excessive alcohol consumption but it’s okay. I’m not in control of their lives. They need to make the decisions themselves. I remember that I had two drunk personalities. I was happy drunk before my depression and depressed drunk during my depression. So I was the guy who was standing drunk depressed at parties and didn’t say a lot. Yeah I wasn’t putting the fun in funeral at that point. Let’s take a look at the reason why most people have a drunk personality. I’m pretty sure that most people won’t like it. You better start to shiver since I always deliver.

Why do most people have drunk personalities?

I think that we all can agree upon the fact that some drunk personalities are more pleasant than others. Alcohol enhances what you feel but also what/who you are. So you’ll turn into an asshole if you’re deep down inside an asshole. Most people aren’t true to themselves and in some cases it’s for the better. Some people really step over the line when they’ve indulged too much alcohol. People have the tendency to tell the truth when they’ve consumed too much alcohol. Those people say the things that they’re afraid to say when they’re sober. Most people tend to forgive this behavior because they claim that it was the alcohol that changed them but did it really change them?

Be realistic here, they didn’t change. Those people are people pleasers when they sober but guess what they don’t like you. It’s a cowardly way of living in my opinion. You’re hanging around with people that you actualy don’t like. They were who they really were and you can’t blame alcohol for this. It’s the sign that they’re pussies since they blame something or someone else for their actions. Alcohol turned those people in who they realy are and not in who they’re not.

Singles and alcohol

It’s the same for people who’re single. Some literally lose all boundaries because they feel lonely. You would feel a lot better if you were able to be alone.  They can’t handle it and alcohol makes it even worse so those people look for affection from someone and who mostly doesn’t matter. Others start to complain about the fact that they’re single. Those people are hit by the painful boomerang that’s called loneliness. Most people have issues and alcohol will display them all to the world. They just don’t realize it of forget about it since it’s not their fault in their opinion.

The solution for your drunk personalities

The answer is pretty simple: be yourself and don’t try to escape the pain. It’s really not that hard. Most people are afraid to be themselves because they can’t handle the opinion of others. They just don’t realize that most people will always find a reason to hate on you.

So it’s better to be yourself instead of pretending to be okay. I think that this is one of the biggest mistakes that people make and playing an act is pretty exhausting. You will get exposed after a while because you’ll be miserable because you can’t be yourself. You’ll start to consume more alcohol out of misery and you get stuck in a rut.

So what about the people with the annoying personalities when they’re intoxicated. Well They’ve got issues and they need to solve them one by one. Some people have really dark personalities and they need to fix them. The problem is that they’re either too dumb to get that they’ve got issues or they’re too lazy to do anything about it. You should read Awaking The Giant Within by Tony Robbins because you can’t live like this. People will tolerate you for a while but they’ll drop you one by one and you’ll end up up being miserable.

I had a lot of fun writing this one

I have no clue what your drunk personality is but I can tell you one thing. It’s sucks to be you but it’s all true. Make a change before it’s too late. You’re wasting precious time every time that you’re not true to yourself. I guess that you still believe that you’re able to postpone your own death?

Well this was a fun post and your drunk personality got completely exposed.

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