Ever heard of Pandora’s box? It’s a story from Greek mythology where a woman get’s a box as a gift. The woman, who’s called Pandora get’s the instruction to never open it. But she get’s curious and opens it anyway. She released 8 demons into the world by opening that box. Seven are deadly sins and got away but she was able to catch the last one, which was hope. So what does Pandora’s box have to do with my body you ask? Well, I released something in my body that wasn’t fun at all. It took me more than a month to recover from it. I was far from in a happy place but I’d seen worse so I couldn’t complain either. My depression was far worse than this.

How I opened Pandora’s box in my own body.

I got sick during the Holidays, which is a pretty rare event. But I was better after 5 days and got back into training.  I had to make a choice during the first week of the new year: do something that was in line with my purpose in life or postpone it and do something that wasn’t in line with my purpose whatsoever. I took the second option because I’d figured that I would get a new opportunity pretty soon. Opportunities are like buses there’s always another one coming someone once said. Well, there wasn’t another bus that came around but something much worse. That decision opened Pandora’s box and I was lucky that I caught hope as well.

Pandora’s box: it went downhill from there.

So I got more and more tired over time and couldn’t recover from my workouts anymore. I took a week off and got back into training. I immediately felt that something was wrong. Yeah, I wouldn’t train for another month after that training session. It really sucked because it controlled my life. I was exhausted and couldn’t practice sports. It’s not normal if you need to sleep after a 10 min bike ride. The worst moments were when I got tired at random moments during the day. I really hated those attacks. So I decided to get my bloodwork done to see if something was wrong. The results were strange. Everything was fine but there was one value 3 times higher than it should have been.

Everybody assumed that I was overtrained after that but I knew better. This wasn’t overtraining, this was something completely different. They don’t have the body awareness that I have. But everybody is a self- proclaimed expert in times of need. Some people even enjoyed my struggle and to those people, I’ve got one simple message: you’re a piece of shit if you laugh when others get hit. I got a set date on when I could get back into training according to the doctor but my condition got worse two days before that date.

Pandora’s box: But did you get better?

I was getting desperate at that point because people who’d seen me didn’t believe that I would be able to get better. I was sleeping during the day on Tuesday and return was scheduled for Wednesday. Oh, and I carried myself around the entire day. Mission impossible you might say but I made it possible. How did I do it you ask? I learned a valuable lesson: your body get’s sick if you’re not living to align with your purpose in life. That decision unveiled a lot and it wasn’t fun at the beginning but I learned a lot here. I got to bed pretty tired but woke up completely refreshed. I felt so damn strong. The best is even to come: I even trained that night and it was like I never left.

Pandora’s box: What’s the lesson here?

The cure for the pain is in the pain. I guess that it’s really true. I sensed that my purpose was slipping away. There was even a point where I thought about quitting with everything. The only thing what I cared about was getting better. I wanted to go on a vacation because I assumed that it would make me feel better. But I didn’t quit with anything and I didn’t go on a vacation either. That would have been pretty stupid. That would have been a way of escaping my reality and you always pack your reality with you. You can pack your bags and travel the whole world but you’ll always carry your reality with you. The problem is that it only get’s heavier and heavier over time. So acknowledge it, solve it and get rid of it!

I learned a lesson and got better after 8 hours of sleep. Something that didn’t work for a whole month. Not even after 10 hours of sleep and eating a lot of veggies during the day.

Pandora’s box: What’s the lesson for you? Good question!

I think that a lot of people just wander through life. They overthink everything and regret most decisions afterward. If they even make them of course. Why don’t you trust your gut feeling more often? Anyway, people without a purpose in life will be tired all the time. You can’t have energy if you don’t have a clear vision for your life. Another thing that I noticed is that most people actually hate their job and this is dangerous. Your mind is the most powerful supplement that you’ve got so you better use it. You’ll be sick all the time if you’re in a negative state of mind. No green powder or multivitamin will help you get rid of all your negative thoughts.

Get out of your head and clean up your thoughts. Do it before it’s too late. Because you don’t want to know what it’s like to open Pandora’s box in your own body. It’s pretty simple: life will knock you down until you realize that you need to get up again. I learned my lesson here, I hope you did as well.

It didn’t end there though. I was better but the real problems were about to start not long after that. Tomorrow we’ll talk about how you can use pain as fuel. Because

So please don’t tell me that you’re hoping that fate will help you in this case. 

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