Have you ever tried to use your pain as fuel? You probably haven’t? I suggest you try it but beware that you don’t do it too early. After my break up with my long-term girlfriend about 4 years ago I started doing a pretty intense training schedule. This resulted in the fact that I got a fever attack in the middle of my training. I still managed to finish my training but I was exhausted after that. So read this whole blog before you try anything stupid. Pain can fuel you but it can break you as well. It’s up to you to notice when it will take you down. Hint: it will bring you down if you use something to escape your pain. This can be anything from a workout to a meet up with friends.

Escapism will do you more harm than good and there’s no exception to this rule. Anyway, pain is cruel but you should use it as fuel.

Pain is fuel: enter Pandora’s box.

In my blog yesterday I wrote about the fact that I opened Pandora’s box in my own body. This wasn’t fun at all, to be honest. I couldn’t train for a month and that was the just the start. Shit hit the fan after I was cured. I got 3 major setbacks on 3 consecutive days. You’ve got to understand that I wasn’t in the best place mentally. I still had to work my way back to a better mindset. But the setbacks kept on coming and I really assumed that it would shut me down this time. I was caught by surprise so I got hit pretty bad. The fact that I’m an analytical thinker didn’t help either.

I was like: “wow this is really bad”. So I just knew that I wasn’t in the right place mentally to solve it so I met up with my niece. This lesser mental state was the result of my body that was in survival for a month. Sometimes you just can’t do it alone. Long story short, it really helped. I slowly got back on my horse. I turned all my pain into fuel and this blog challenge is the result of it. So basically I just stepped up my game because of the pain.

But why did it hurt so much you ask?

I had set some goals before this year started. I wanted to accomplish them by the end of the year. But I was so damn close to achieving 2 of them. I was just inches away but I didn’t happen. It was a bitter pill to swallow I’m not going to lie about it. I even cried and I’m the guy who’s got the image that he’s stone cold. It’s okay to cry. There’s nothing unmanly about it. But as soon as I was able to place the pain I realized that I just needed to get back to work. I’ll just have to work harder I get what I want.

I channeled my pain and just increased my work ethic.

Pain is fuel: what if it’s all about perspective?

When you’re in a state of pain there are 2 ways to look at it. You can either let break you down or lift you up. Pain can actually motivate you to become a better version of yourself. Without my depression, I would never be the same guy as I am today. Such events motivate me to do better than prior to these events. It’s not because that I got a lot of setbacks that I’m done. The events actually got me back on track as soon as I understood them or just got rid of the pain. People don’t realize this but the lesson here is that the cure of the pain is always in the pain itself.

The only thing that you need to do is accept the pain and that’s the hardest part. It’s hard to accept pain because it’s a horrible feeling. But you can’t be happy if you’re never sad. Life’s all about balance.

Pain is fuel: enter the meaning of life.

I think that life’s a test. I suggest that you check out the whole blog to read my in-depth explanation of it. I just assume that life tests us from time to time and how we react to it is entirely up to us. It’s like life is questioning if we’re on the right track so life stirs the pot. I’m pretty sure that you’ll face a lot of pain if you’re really far away from where you should be. That’s when the million dollar question arises: do all these events make you bitter or better? I can guarantee you that it isn’t easy for everybody but you need to realize that every glass that’s half empty, is half full as well. It’s all about the art of turning shit into sugar.

Pain is fuel: in conclusion.

Sometimes life will throw things at you which you just can’t handle at that instant moment. It’s up to you to give it a proper place and make something good out of it and this might take time. But there’s more, this isn’t the last time that life forces you on your knees and makes you cry. This wasn’t the last time for me either. But realize that life will also give you a lot of joyful moments that will last a lifetime. You need to bad moments to grow those will make you appreciate the good times even more. I honestly just remember the good things that came out of all the bad things that happened to me.

What can I say: Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire, Ooh!

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