So many people use the no time excuse to cancel plans. Too many people accept this dumb excuse but I don’t and I know other people who hate it as well. The excuse is bullshit. People who use this excuse all the time are either pussies or they lost their grip on life. I believe that it’s safe to say that this is the cheapest excuse in our modern day society. It really can’t get any worse than this. I remember that a guy once asked me how to get in shape. So I wanted to help him. Turns out that he had no time to cook or workout but he did found time to be lazy all the time. Funny isn’t it? People who use this excuse are miserable, lazy or uninspired. It’s time to debunk this bullshit excuse once and for all.

No time? Here’s a funny story

There are 5 people whom I promised that I would give them a copy of my book. 2 of those 5 claimed that they were really looking forward to read it. So I gave away the book and guess who didn’t have time to read it. The people who constantly asked about the release date. Funny isn’t it? They have no time to read but they do have time to make excuses.

Fun fact: excuses will make sure that you’ll never grow as a person.

No time? But you’ve got time to be lazy

I’m just going to share the truth here. Your false sense of productivity doesn’t justify our laziness. Yes I’m talking to the people who ate fast food all week because they didn’t have time to cook. This excuse is really the worst. Or the people who can’t train for 90 minutes in a day but can waste time on social media all day long. Or the people who can’t finish work or their school assignment but do find time to watch television shows all day.

Seriously you can make up a lot of excuses but the no time excuse is the worst one of them all. You’re lazy instead of productive. Don’t try to fool other people because in the end you’re only fooling yourself. You wasted time and you pay the price.

No time? You mean no time to be happy?!

You know what I hate? People who complain all the time. They’re always the victim or unlucky. Let me tell you something: you accept unnecessary pain when you complain. Nothing more and nothing less. You make things a priority or you don’t but don’t complain about it if it’s not a priority.

Here an example: Hate your job? Get out and find a better one. You’ve got time to apply for a new one if you’ve got time to complain. Cut the bullshit and start taking action.

One last tip: next time you feel cheated by life you’ll need to realize that you cheated yourself.

No time to work on your goals?

So you’ve got no time to work on your goals? You sure? I write every single day. I read every single day. In one week I have 7 to 8 training sessions (sometimes twice a day). Oh I’ve got a normal job and I still find time to study MMA and to relax from time to time. Hence I could even make time for a girlfriend if I would have one. I just plan my day and actually look forward to the things that bring me closer to my goals. Most people look forward to them but eventually get stuck in a rut. So they feel less excited about the goals and eventually give up.

Don’t make to mistake to put your goals and every day chores in the same category. That’s when you’ll get stuck in life.

Apparently you’ve no time to be honest with yourself and others

People who use or even misuse this excuse use it to avoid other people. This can be a bad date, bad friends or even family. Why don’t you tell the truth? There’s nothing wrong with telling someone that it won’t work out or that you don’t like them. You’ll have to tell why off course. People don’t get that this excuse will haunt them for a while. Most people will assume that you’re really busy (busy and not productive) so they’ll try to set a new date. This can get annoying after a while but I hope that you realize that you created this whole situation. So maybe you just got what you deserved.

You’re lying to yourself

Most people claim that they want something but they actually don’t. They talk but that’s it. They don’t walk the walk and talk the talk. Those people don’t put words into action. But I get why; they just don’t want it bad enough. I’m actually fine with that if you’re honest enough to admit it. I can admit that easily. Why would I waste time on things that don’t interest me at all? I’ll stop doing something if it doesn’t excite me to get up first thing in the morning.

You’ve got no time to take care of yourself?!

Self- care is an overlooked aspect in this society. I have had problems with this as well in the past. I sacrificed sleep to get things done but my overall health was suffering. There are a lot of people who do the same or they just work all day long. This can be either a form of escapism or a sign of poor time management. The last group is always busy but never productive. You need to relax from time to time. You’ll burn out if you don’t take time to let your body and brain rest. Plan your day the day before and plan some down time. Do something that you like so that you feel fresh in the morning when it’s time to kick ass again.

No time? A brief conclusion

So there are 2 kinds of people who use this excuse

  1. the people who can’t set their priorities straight
  2. the ones who are always busy but never productive

You can fool yourself your whole life but you won’t fool others very long.

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