Do you tend to make New Year’s resolutions? I advise you to invest your time in something else if you answered yes. You’re wasting precious time and you know it. You’re just to lazy to act upon this feeling. New Year’s resolutions are for the drunk and the miserable. We all get that you’re unhappy but waiting for the perfect time to start is wrong. A new year doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a new beginning. You should start right now. Only lazy people procrastinate all the time. So get off your lazy ass and start acting. Just fucking do it.

I seriously don’t even get why people those resolutions anyway. Well, I actually do get it. People have drunk personalities who seem to get that they’re not so happy after all. So they make up some New Year’s resolutions which they eventually forget the next day due to a hangover. I mean there are people claiming that they’ll finally do a sport since 2013. I sometimes wonder if they still believe it after so many years.

Most people even laugh at their own resolutions when they’re making them. They stuff like “I’ll take the same things as last year since I didn’t accomplish any one of them”. I wonder how those people would feel if they would make a recap of their own year. Pretty sad I guess.

It’s never too late to change off course. Just don’t make New Year’s resolutions, those are a real waste of time.

New Year’s resolutions are for drunk people. What to do instead.

So I guess that you realize that I’m not a big believer in those resolutions. But can you guess why? Because most people just make claims like that all the time and because they’re not putting a date on it. Those resolutions are vague and will never turn into a reality. Can you guess where we’re heading? It’s time to set goals. Goal setting is a lot better because you put a date or an age to something. For example, I want to be in shape by 01/06/2018. Now you’ve got something to work with. The guy that makes a resolution to be in shape one day will never be in shape.

I use this technique all the time. I take a notebook and write down my goals in the same fashion (I want to achieve ….. by a certain date). That’s goal setting to the max. Just make sure that you take realistic goals. You can’t get in shape in a single day and you won’t be able to buy your dream car by next week without going broke.

New Year’s resolutions are for drunk people. Goals.

I didn’t achieve every goal that I set out to accomplish. I didn’t achieve two of the 8 goals that I set out. But I was very close to one (I wanted to weight 75 kg) and the other was written down to vague so I still don’t know if I’m right on that one. The second one was that I would meet the woman whom I would marry before my birthday. Do you see where I went wrong? There’s a difference between meeting someone and being together with someone. It was too vague but I might have met her and not even realize it. Learn from this mistake and make sure that you won’t make it. Anyway, I’m making a new goal list this weekend. Achieving things is a hell of a lot of fun.

I can share one goal with you all. There’s a second ebook coming. I just have to pick a release date.

In conclusion:

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

I’m about to set some goals and I’m going to accomplish them all.

Happy New Year and see you again next year.

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