Do you like to act like a victim? You do? Well you’re fucked. People who like to play the victim are good at one thing and one thing only: they’re pros at coming up with excuses. Those excuses make sure that those people remain in the same place for the rest of their lives. I mean what are you trying to achieve when you make up excuses? Maybe you’re looking for attention? All those attempts will piss off people big time. Besides it’s also a form of self- pity. There’s a great quote about self- pity that you really need to read.

“Self- pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.”- John Gardner

He even uses the word victim since you really are one. You’re the victim of your own bad mindset.

You’re acting like a victim and it needs to stop right now

So many people get caught up in this mindset these days. They just blame everything and everyone when things go wrong in life. It’s pretty easy to remain like this for the rest of your lives since it doesn’t confront you with your own flaws. You can blame others, give them a bad feeling without feeling bad yourself. You’re basically stuck in your own comfort zone. People who act like this are big assholes. You don’t believe me do you? Well here’s why: this mindset is a way of life. If you always make yourself the victim you can justify the fact that you’re an awful human being. So you won’t feel bad when you’re bringing other people down.

It’s pure bullshit if you ask me. Who took a certain action? Who offended another person because they said something that you couldn’t handle? You and no one else. You’re the one to blame and no one else. Life didn’t cheat on you but you cheated on yourself.

You’re creating the wrong momentum if you’re acting like a victim

I recently wrote a post about the fact that you need to create momentum in life to get somewhere. I still think that it’s true but there’s a big downfall to this. You can also create momentum by getting in a downward spiral. People who act like the victim keep creating bad habits and need to get out of it. So yes you need to create momentum in life but only momentum that makes sure that you achieve something or get better as a person.

You should be a rapper and you know why? It’s because I’ve got a great nickname for you. It’s Lil Bitch.

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