There are a lot of people who ask me if I have a particular morning routine when I get up. The answer is yes of course but it doesn’t last for hours. Most people expect that I do a lot of fancy stuff but I don’t. We’re also going to take a look at the books that I’m currently reading or have finished. I read 6 books over the course of 2 weeks. That’s not bad if you ask me. You’ve got to read books if you want to become smarter. So why are you still chasing looks instead of reading books?

My morning routine and the books I read

Let’s take a look at my morning routine. I get up at 6 am, yes even during the weekends, and that’s when the day starts as well. I don’t snooze because it makes me groggy. Don’t forget that snoozing means losing. You’ll lose your motivation to start the day and will get nothing done. Anyway, I start the day by meditating for 10 minutes. I just focus on my breathing pattern. There’s nothing fancy when it comes to my meditation techniques. But I have to admit that I use binaural beats from time to time. There are tons of good ones on YouTube. After that I mostly drink some water, make some coffee and that’s where the routine ends.

It’s all about setting priorities. I just take a look at what’s most important and ignore every distraction until those are finished. So it’s safe to say that I’m not a social media zombie like most people. 

My morning routine and the books I read

So I read books over the course of 2 weeks. Pretty crazy right? They were all page turners and one might surprise you. I read a part of the Bible. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. I read a part of the Bible which is called the book of Proverbs. You can read it for free online and it contains tons of wisdom (read it here). I mean just take a look at the following proverb for example: “It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.” (Proverbs 21:9.) That’s the truth if you ask me.

The other books were:

I’m only going to talk about the last one because that one should be read by everybody. I can’t say too much about it because it would ruin the book. But have you ever thought that you were stuck in life? Were you looking for the meaning of life? Didn’t you find purpose in life? This book solves it all. It was an eye-opening read and it even changed my view on the meaning of life a bit (read my post about the meaning of life here).

Don’t forget to check out my book. The ones who read it really liked it.

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