Are you a materialist? That is pretty bad. I’m not even kidding. We live in a world where a lot of people seem to be impressed by stuff. Others try to impress others with certain things of course. I don’t get these people to be honest. I tried to understand them but I just don’t get why you should buy expensive stuff to impress others. You probably don’t want to hear his but that impression last maybe 30 seconds if you’re lucky. But in most cases, most people won’t even notice what you’re trying to show off. I can assure you that I’m perfectly happy without the stuff that I thought that I needed. Most people just don’t seem to realize it. Let me put it this way: an asshole with 3 fancy cars, a whole watch collection, and the newest iPhone remains an asshole.

He’s just trying to impress people and nobody likes a showoff. But there’s a hidden danger for every materialist. Do you know which one? 

Are you a materialist? That might be pretty bad.

I once got an offer to travel to Oslo for 3 months. I just had to pay my plane ticket and my food over there. So I decided to buy a new phone to take some nice pictures over there. I assumed that it would be nice for the blog.My old one wasn’t working that well so I decided to buy the iPhone from a buddy of mine. Only 3 months old and it was in perfect shape. So I had the phone but didn’t brag about it. I bought it with a purpose. Eventually, it came in handy for the social media as well. So there was one guy who was constantly laughing about the fact that I had an iPhone. Can’t remember what he said, to be honest. It was ridiculous. On the side note: the trip to Oslo sadly didn’t go through.

Let’s fast forward time a bit.

This all happened in October 2016. Besides the guy who picked on my phone. He kept on doing it until…. he got or bought one himself. I forgot how he got it. So this is what happened. He was standing at my door and he was clearly focusing all his attention on his new phone. He wanted to make sure that I really noticed it. I did notice it but I really didn’t care. Clearly disappointed he asked me if I had seen his new phone. I was like “sure you’ve got an iPhone as well now. That’s really cute.” That crushed his ego because it didn’t have the intended effect. Pride and ego will never serve you wherever you go.

You see I don’t care what you’ve got or how you look. Show me what you can teach me. It’s impressive if you share some wisdom, not some random expensive stuff.

The downfall of the materialist.

But where’s the pitfall in materialism? Well, there are multiple pitfalls, to be honest. The first one is one that most people won’t realize. The second one is a logic one but most people won’t admit it. The third one is as obvious as it gets but most people don’t seem to learn a lesson.

The first pitfall for the materialist: the ego.

Do you envy people who got a lot of fancy stuff? I advise you to better things in your spare time. Just took a look at these people. Try to be brutally honest: what remains of those people when you take the stuff away? Their whole life is based on the fact that they can show off stuff. All that stuff is ego-bound and ego is your biggest enemy. They’ll be nothing when you take all the stuff away. Just a pile of misery, broken down because they assume that they’ve got nothing to show for. They probably have more things to show for but they don’t realize it. We just live in a very materialistic society these days.

So to all the people who want to show off to others. Read books and forget about the looks! You’re really screwed if your ego is bound to stuff. You’ll just be the guy who has nothing to offer besides some stuff.

The second pitfall for the materialist: health issues.

There are a lot of people who buy expensive stuff as soon as they get their payday. Stuff like clothes, phones, watches and so on. They basically only buy brands to show off to others but that’s what most people do. So they are to busy with their own facade that they don’t even notice the others peacocking. Anyway, these people spend a lot of money so they have to save in some aspect right? Most of them eat really unhealthy because unhealthy food is just pretty damn cheap. They neglect the veggies first which is really dumb and they buy processed meat after a while.

It’s cheap for a reason and you’ll face a big bill in the long run. Your health will suffer over time which results in tons of visits to the doctor and the hospital if you’re in the worst case scenario.

Don’t buy stuff that you don’t need. Who needs a new phone every 2 months anyway? So think it through next time you buy a 120 dollar t-shirt.

The third pitfall for the materialist: an unhappy life.

It doesn’t make you happy. You’ll feel like a God when you buy something new but that feeling will fade. It’ll be just another thing that you bought since people will stop giving attention to it as well. The only time when you’ll like it again is when you lose it or are about to lose it. So why would you buy something expensive to impress others? You might be happy when you buy it but you’ll be extremely miserable when you’ll check your bank account and savings.

This is why rich kids constantly get new stuff. They’re bored and want something new to feel good again. they’re basically chasing a mirage but they just don’t seem to get it. I wonder if they even want to get it. Shop all your troubles away am I right? I always wonder how you’ll shop your troubles away when your bank account is completely empty. Getting a loan to impress others would be really stupid. Being broke doesn’t sound like a joke but it’s something that you can fix in the long run.

In conclusion: the materialist has nothing to live for.

The materialist lives a pretty sad life if you ask me. They can never get enough and will always compete with others. I actually feel sorry for these people. Their constant quest for approval of others must become a torture overtime. I really feel sorry for the ones who’s ego is linked to stuff. It’s just so unfulfilling. They feel like the alpha male but what kind of man are you really without the stuff? How big of a man would you still be if you suddenly lost it all? Would you still be happy? Would you be able to live with yourself? The same goes for women of course. Just imagine that all your purses from a certain brand got stolen. Would you survive it?

They may steal all my stuff I don’t care as long as they don’t steal my books. They won’t do it anyway because most people assume that books have no value once they’ve been bought. But what if those people were horribly wrong? Now that’s a lot of stuff to think about.

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