So you want to live a successful life? I’ve heard people claim this so many times. It only gets worse as the people get older. They all want success but nobody seems to have an exact definition of what a successful life actually is. So those people start to play the lottery because they suddenly want a lot of money. The lottery is one of the biggest jokes these days. You’ll win a lot of money but you’ll lose everything else. I never link a successful life to money since there are a lot of people who’re unsuccessful but still rich. They could have gotten a heritage for example. Those people are mostly broke after a while as well. Success isn’t a material thing although people treat it that way.

Why do you assume that so many poor people buy stuff that they can’t afford? They want people to look at them. It’s all smoke and mirrors. What’s the point of wearing a watch that costs more than some cars if you can’t provide for your family? You might disagree with what I’m about to tell you but that’s okay. I really don’t care to be honest. Stop reading this post and go buy some stuff that you actually can’t afford. You’ll feel like your bank account after a while. Completely empty.

So you want to live a successful life?

You can only be successful in life if you live a happy life. You’ll feel completely empty if you’ve got everything besides happiness. All the money in the world just can’t buy it. I’ve never done anything for money in my life. I rather do something that I like for free. It gives you joy. People who only do things for money are pretty miserable and mostly broke all the time as well or extremely cheap. So isn’t it funny? They’re chasing money but they can’t keep the money. I, on the other hand, do what I love and love what I do without caring or nagging about the money.

There are even people who ask me how I’m able to be so happy. They don’t get that a college drop out who was unemployed for about a year (I had some temporary jobs here and there) can be so happy.

A successful life? It can’t be pursued it must ensue.

But there’s not really a secret. I’m just true to myself, do what I love, don’t chase empty goals (materialistic stuff) and have a purpose in life. I’m just selfish but in a good way. You can never make someone else happy if you can’t make yourself happy. That’s something that most people don’t realize. They give up everything they like because they claim that they can’t earn money by it. That’s when those people give up their own happiness as well.

Here’s something that you might consider.

There’s one thing that you should consider the next time that you buy something to impress others. Those people mostly want to impress others as well so they have no time to see what you’re wearing or whatever you do to impress people.

in conclusion: someone once told me: “I rather am broke and happy than rich and unhappy.” I say amen to that.

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