How can you live if you never challenge your beliefs? Most people will probably don’t even know what I’m trying to say. So I’ll ask you one more time: how can you live if you never challenge your beliefs?! That just stupid. So many people follow the herd and have no clue why they’re living a miserable life. I get it. It’s because you never question things. I mean what’s next for you? You’ll probably feel cheated by life by the age of 40. That’ll solve everything! I hate to break it to you but the victim mindset will never get you set. You’ll never have lived a life worth living if you don’t even question things.

How can you live if you never challenge your beliefs?

I mean let’s take a look at some popular beliefs:

  • You need to have a degree and work until the age 65.
  • Always kiss at the end of the first or third date. Otherwise, you’ll end up in the friend zone.
  • Being single for a long time is unacceptable.
  • People who don’t have a degree are losers.
  • You have to watch the news in order to be smart (read this blog because it’s not true).
  • The list goes on and one.

But who claims that those things are true? Just think about it. Is there actual proof that these things are 100% true? Most people can’t answer this question but they’re afraid to challenge their own beliefs as well. So they avoid this because it makes them uncomfortable. You’ll never grow if you’re not able to get out of your comfort zone! That’s just a fact.

How can you live if you never challenge your beliefs?

I have one simple principle in life: break the rules and beat all the fools. That’s what makes life a lot more fun if you ask me. There’s no predictability in what I do because I constantly look to challenge my own beliefs. I want to make sure that I’m doing “the right thing” or am on the right path. I mean who wants to realize after 40 years that they’ve done all the wrong things? Sounds like hell if you ask me! Sometimes you’ve got to just sit down and take a look at what you believe. Does it make you happy? Does it give you fulfillment? You might be doing something wrong if the answer is no.

One simple lesson that I learned.

Ever heard of being present in the moment? It’s something that I try to do all the time because it makes you aware of things. Being present in the moment makes sure that you’re able to follow your gut feeling. Your gut feeling is mostly never wrong. Well, mine isn’t at least. It’s something that you’ll have to work on. So why don’t you challenge your own beliefs next time that you’re bored? Why don’t you do that instead of wasting all your precious time being frustrated?! It’s a suggestion though. Do whatever you want.  You’re in control of your own life so I can’t change how you lead your life.

Only fools never challenge their own beliefs!

“A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” Muhammad Ali

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