Most guys act like a little boy these days. Their behavior is embarrassing but they don’t get it. They all assume that they’re though but in reality they’re pathetic. I recently witnessed some of this behavior and I knew that they didn’t get it. Those people were part of the pussy generation. It’s easy to stay in it since those people are staying in a dangerous zone. Those people stay in their comfort zone and they like it.  Those people seem to get dumber as time progresses but you shouldn’t be surprised. Most people get dumb and dumber after the age of 23. So little boy: step up, shut up and man the f@ck up.

Little boy: indulging tons of alcohol isn’t tough

It’s almost a year ago since I decided to stop drinking alcohol. I don’t miss it to be honest. Most guys like to drinks tons of alcohol as soon as they’re allowed to do it. They drink till the point that they’re completely hungover and start drinking again the next day. They want to prove to others that they’re tough and can handle the alcohol but they can’t. Those guys puke because their body is sick but they keep on drinking just because they want to be the alpha of the herd.

The alpha of the herd will just look at those people and realize that they’re acting like a little boy.

Little boy: almost cheating on your girlfriend isn’t tough

There are guys who go out and flirt with tons of other girl even when they’re in a relationship. It’s pathetic in my opinion but it happens. They brag about the fact that they could have cheated on their girlfriend. They assume that it’s cool. Make no mistake karma will come for those people. Those people are dark sad people. But your action will create a reaction. It might not be right from the start but you’ll get a reality check.

Will it hurt? Yes!

Do I feel sorry for those people? No.

It’s all the consequence of your own dumb behavior. That can be a turning point or a burning point. You’ll turn into a bitter or a better person. Just realize that the choice is up to you.

Little boy: questioning others isn’t what a good friend does

Some guys like to questions others because they’re insecure. Real friends ask you questions, fake friends question you. You need to realize that you need to cut the fake friends loose. A little boy question others because he wants to put them down at his own level. He wants to turn them into a sore loser just like him. This is dangerous because people with low self- esteem will start to question themselves. I had reached such a point a few years ago. There was one guy who was constantly putting me down. I doubted myself all the time more and more and it took me some to get rid of all the self- doubt. Cut these people loose because they’ll turn your life into a living hell.

Little boy you can’t have everything from the start

Most enroll in a real job when they get out of college/university. They all assume that they’re going to be rich because they’ve got a fancy degree. They want the big paycheck, company car and so on. Those people don’t realize that you’ve got to work hard and be patient to get that big promotion. You’ll have to start at the bottom to get to the top and the little boy doesn’t get it.

He mostly doesn’t get his promotion. The little boy gets fired and feel cheated by life. He cheated himself but he didn’t get it. He didn’t realize that he only had one opponent in life.

Little boy failure isn’t the point where you need to stop

People are afraid of failure so they give up as soon as they fail. They don’t get that every failure contains a lesson that will turn them into a better person. Those people don’t get stronger in the places that they’re broken. The sad part is that they didn’t even face adversity yet. Adversity will break those people. That’s why so many people can’t keep a relationship. They get frustrated because their life doesn’t look like a romantic movie. Their relation turned into drama overtime. It’s your own entire fault.

Little boy tons of tinder matches doesn’t make you successful as a man

There are tons of guys who brag about the fact that they’ve got tons of tinder matches but does it make their lives better? It’s just an ego boost but that doesn’t turn you into a real man. A real man takes care of his wife. Yes you’ve read it correctly you should marry but only with the right person. That’s what most people don’t get. They don’t follow their gut feeling when they meet a person. They prefer to be unhappily together instead of happily alone. Those people think that being alone is a bad thing but this isn’t true. Being alone is not that bad since you’re able to focus on things that you really like. It’s all a matter of perception and perception defines your reality.

Little boy you aren’t tough, you need to toughen up

Little boy you aren’t tough, you need to toughen up. Read this guide on how to do it. You have to choice to change your life and turn it into a better one. Just realize that change doesn’t happen overnight. It’ll take time but it’s worth it. So live life or be lived but you shouldn’t complain when you’re suddenly facing a divorce, a depression and a burnout. Don’t worry I wrote 2 posts about this matter. You can bookmark them now and use them in the future.

 unhappiness makes people do crazy dumb shit.

Depression: kick it to the curb.

So long story short: karma isn’t a bitch, you are. That’s what I call a reality check.

You’re always to find the good stuff in a day since it’s all a matter of perception.

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