I can’t explain why but the lion was always my favorite animal. Maybe because he just follows his instincts and does what he wants. The lion is the prime example of the alpha male. He’s the alpha animal of the jungle. That’s right the king of the jungle is also the most alpha animal there is. Size doesn’t matter in the jungle otherwise the elephant would be the king of the jungle. It’s all about the mindset over there. Only the strongest survive but that’s also applicable to our modern society. Only the people with the strongest mindset (the lions) will get the most out of life, all the others (the sheep) will follow.  

So what is the lion attitude?

It’s the attitude that says “I CAN”.

It’s the attitude that says “I WILL”.

You know what the most beautiful part of the lion attitude is? Everybody can do it. Animals can’t change their attitude but we as humans can make the change. We can become a lion and adopt the lion attitude.

You can unleash the beast in YOU. Why would you drift through life? Why would you be lived instead of life?

Are you who you want to be or are you who others want you to be? Answer this question honestly because it will determine your happiness. You will never be happy if you aren’t true to your real self.

Are you ready to roar?! And I mean really roar not making a sound like a little kitten.

The lion and its attitude

Courage, strength, leadership, bravery… these are all traits of the lion. The lion is the real leader and everybody will have to follow it. The lion makes everybody silent when he roars.

Attitude is what you think and do in life. It’s how you feel in life. It determines how your life will turn out over time.

So what is the lion attitude?

I have been depressed, suicidal…. Basically, I was extremely miserable in my life. I’ve haven’t seen hell I have lived in hell. My mind was a living hell and it turned my life into a living hell. I wanted to get out. But I’m still here and you why?

My attitude is my big secret.

It was my attitude towards life that kept me going. I thought this is not the way that my life is going to end. I AM GOING TO FIGHT.  YES, I CAN SURVIVE AND I WILL SURVIVE. I demonstrated who I really am. I didn’t ask for respect I demanded respect. I choose to fight. It was all about being bold and determined.

I unleashed my inner beast that had been caged for too many years. The lion was free again, the chains were gone. I was hungry again. Hungry to conquer life again. I was the hungry animal with a goal. I was going to smash every single goal. One by one I attacked my goals like gazelles.

You need the lion attitude

You need this attitude if you want to get joy again. Don’t think about the normal people. But Alex what do I do if they make noise? ROAR,  ROAR freaking hard. Don’t let them push you around. Be like the lion. Roar so loud with your newly developed spirit. Do it so loud that no one will ever try to doubt you again. They will stop questioning your goals. They will stop challenging you.

So they will fear your boldness. You will start to shine true, like the lion on the top of the hill that watches his kingdom. He’s bathing in the sunlight, ready to let the others hear his roar. The whole valley will shiver when they hear it. All the animals will know that they’ve awakened the beast.

They all start fearing so they do what they do best. They follow the leader.

Sheep don’t ask questions.They just follow the leader even if they’re brought to the slaughterhouse. they keep following mindlessly. They want to stay comfortable even if it means that they’ll destroy their own lives. They don’t go in their own direction and that’s what you’ve got to do.

Let the lion heart out. Go your own direction. Follow your mind and let them go. Don’t be afraid to bold, develop the right attitude.

Almost nothing can help you

Money can’t help you.

All your fancy moves can’t help you.

There is no degree that can save you.

You’re nowhere safe if you don’t have the lion attitude. Do you want to be the one that’s on the road to the slaughterhouse?

Unleash the lion inside of you. There are no maybes in the mind of the lion. The lion is certain about what he wants. He makes a decision and attacks his goal until it’s his.

Shine through like the lion.

Say no to the leftovers.

So don’t talk but walk the talk. Take a last good look at the herd because it’s time to leave it once and for all. Go your own lonely way. Surround yourself with lions. Make a strong pact that can take the hits of the herd. Because they will attack you over and over again. They want to make you doubt yourself. They want you to come back to the herd.

They’re afraid because you’re different. But don’t be afraid. ROAR and forget about the sheep. They’re happy when life gives them the leftovers. The lion wants ’s quality and will do everything to get it. They don’t want to take the leftovers. Why would you happy with that?


Do it hard

Be the lion that’s waiting inside of you to be released

Unleash the beast

Let it go. What do you have to lose?

You shouldn’t doubt yourself because you have the heart of a lion.

The only question that remains is if you’re bold enough to release it. Are you bold enough to release the inner lion?

Roar or you’ll never be heard in life.

ROAR: I CAN, I WILL, I SHALL and never ever give up

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