This won’t be like most of my posts. I just wanted to thank all the people and share a short message. I usually reflect on a lot of stuff in most of my posts. That’s why it’s so easy to write so much. I’m doing it quite a while now and it almost seems like yesterday. As a result I always get the same questions over and over again. “Hey Alex, how many visitors do you have per day?” “Hey Alex, how much money have you already made?” People only seem to care about numbers these days. But I don’t. I seriously had no clue what my most popular blog was until the day before yesterday. My most popular post is about the fact that you shouldn’t chase girls.

I’m not that surprised to be honest. Most guys their whole self- worth is bound to the fact on how popular they’re with women. Pretty crazy isn’t it? 

Just a quick thank you and a short message

You can only be happy in life when you’re extremely grateful. So I wanted to thank all the people who’ve read one or multiple blogs. Some of them will never read this post but that doesn’t matter. In the end in seriously don’t care about the numbers. Most bloggers do everything to get tons of subscribers. Things like giving away free books in exchange for you e- mail. That’s fine but I don’t do it. You’ve got more than 200 free posts here what else do you want? Besides most peoplewon’t read the mails anyway. Most of them just wanted the free stuff. In the end it’s all about spreading the message instead of the money and the big numbers.

That’s the reason why I don’t do all these online campaigns. Yes you’ve read it correctly. I don’t even intend on doing it. People who need to find me will find me in the end.

Just a quick thank you and a short message: that’s a wrap for this week

This won't be like most of my posts. I just wanted to thank all the people and share a short message. I usualy reflect on a lot of stuff in most of my posts

Yeah I like the beard

Well that’s a wrap for this week. Now I’m going to eat a nutritious meal and enjoy my day off. I’ll probably walk with a dog to get some activity in. It’s been a calm week. I was over trained due to overdoing it and decided to take some days off training. I’m almost back at my natural weight and my rest heart rate is almost back at 47 beats per minute. I’m really looking forward to get back and train my ass off. I seriously hate doing nothing.

So once again: thank for reading this blog. It really means a lot to me. I seriously hope that it helps in turning your life around. Oh and don’t forget to keep on reading my upcoming blogs. Enjoy your morning, afternoon or evening and make it count. Be the hero of your own movie while you still have the chance to direct it.


This is Mister Alpha signing out.

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