This was really epic

This was really epic

‎Just do it is probably one of the most heard sayings. This famous line is always associated with the American sports brand Nike and it’s full of truth. I’m always fueled but my drive to win and mentality to work pass the point where it hurts is not like with the others.

I crave for the victory and I keep on hustling when I got one. I work my but off to the next victory. You know what’s the difference between someone with a 4 figure and a 5 figure paycheck? No?

They look the same, breath the same, sit the same, have the same age and contract. There are almost no differences and still one of them is getting paid more than the other. The five figure guy does everything more than the other guy. Maybe just a little bit but it pays off. He works JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE and he gets what he deserves. He gets a bigger paycheck because he wants it a little bit more. He’s though and he doesn’t quit.

That guys shows what he’s made off.

Being smart doesn’t give you a head start

I was always learned that the smartest people would get the most of life and this is right. But not in the way they taught me. They mean the school smart people but these people get good grades and then what? Nothing, name ten successful CEO’s with a degree.

I was stuck at one. Elon musk is one of the only successful CEO’s with a degree. I know that he’s running some bad numbers but Tesla will explode and take over the market.

Most smart people try to figure things out, try to figure out the easy way out and it backfires over and over again. Their quest for the quick fix becomes an agony that ends with the only thing that they can do. Those people give up. They’ve probalby never read my guide on how to deal with failure.

They look at other CEO’s and tell themselves “He did it but I can’t do it”. They almost got what he did but didn’t make it. The successful ones do it and keep on doing what needs to be done in order to keep going.

Just do it

You want to start a blog? Just do it

You want to write a book? Just do it. But Alex I can’t write, what advice can you give me? Just do it

You want to retire young? Just do it.

Too much people talk endlessly about their dreams but that’s where it stops. Everybody can do it, but most people never start. Being able to start is an art.

Take your dreams, fill it with positivity and just do it.

It’s easy to hold on for a month. It’s great to hold on for two years but a real winner keeps holding on. He keeps on grinding and doesn’t believe in failure.

Many people told me that I couldn’t start a blog because I couldn’t write. They were all better writers than me and they were right. I couldn’t write at the time because I had never really tried. I had never really written before so isn’t it normal that I couldn’t do it? But I did it.

I didn’t try it but I just looked at my laptop and my blank page. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and told myself “just do it”. So I do it and will keep on doing it.

More excuses and a solution

If I wasn’t afraid I would get back on the soccer field. Great, just do it.

If I knew how I would move to another country. Great, just do it.

I would invest in my relationship but maybe it’s too late. Great, just do it. It’s never too late until you lable it as too late.

I want to read more but I don’t have time. Great, just do it. But I don’t have time. Make time, just do it.

I’m afraid to approach girls what do I do? Just do it.

They all will ask the same question “do what?”. You just do it and do it and keep doing it.

I became vice CEO of a company can I quit now? Nope just keep on doing it.

But I was second in a marathon can I now quit doing it? Nope because there’s still a first place to conquer.

I want to beat depression but don’t know how. Great read my guide how to beat it. Read my motivation article about depression afterwards and then you just do it.

But what if I want to give up?

Everyone has a point in his life where he wants to give up. All the famous people had this moment in their life and they will admit it too.

So what if I tell myself that I want to give up? What if I tell myself that I want to quit? Well rephrase the answer just don’t do it and after that you get back to work and just do it.


My latest accomplishment: just do it


Just do it

One month ago I weighed in at 68 kg’s (149.9lbs) with 10% body fat and I wanted to bulk up. I had one month to get the best result possible. I set that goal, I wanted to gain muscle and keep my body fat percentage at least the same.

After one month I was at 69 kg (152.1 lbs) and had 8% body fat. I forgot about the fact that I had trouble gaining weight. I just trained hard and ate a lot. That’s right, I just did it.

Don’t forget that it’s possible to work out even when you’re busy. Read my busy people workout routine here.


Let me combine the two most know slogans in the world.

Just do it because impossible is nothing. There will be haters but if you go all in instead of doing nothing you’ll succeed. Not just a bit of effort but really going all in. Just do it, break all the rules and beat all the fools.

Don’t forget to smile while you do it.

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