I’ve never lost a street fight pretty crazy isn’t it? I’ve never lost one and it’s not because of the fact that I do MMA or know some fancy kicks. It’s all about the art of fighting without fighting. 

My vision on a street fight

Only dumb wannabe alpha males with a ginormous ego get into a street fight. Both guys throw some haymakers and one of them losses. Ego is your worst enemy but these guys don’t seem to get it. They prefer to hurt another human being just to prove that they’re so tough. Those are the guys who see every corner in a boxing or martial arts gym. You may win every street fight but it doesn’t turn you into a good fighter.

Besides challenging someone you don’t know is extremely stupid. The internet is full of drunken guys who challenge a martial artist or boxer.

So I assume that you’re able to guess how I win every fight?

How I win every single street fight

I just walk away and don’t look back. The other guy(s) may laugh at me and call me a loser but in the end I’ll be the winner. I didn’t risk my own health or life (since you can never guess another guy’s intentions) just to serve another guys ego. The other guy can carry a weapon with him but there’s one thing that’s for sure. He won’t be a skilled fighter (I mean boxer, martial artist and so on) since those are mostly the most peaceful people there are.

So that’s it. Swallow you pride and move on.

Don’t make eye contact but be present in the moment. Maybe they’ll come after you (they mostly don’t).

So what if it gets to an actual street fight?

My best tip is to avoid it at all cost. But there’s only one advice when it comes to this matter.

Punch first, punch hard and get away as quickly as possible.

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Sun Tzu from The Art Of War (one of my favorite books)

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