Instant gratification leads to long term frustration. This is a mindset flaw that most people have these days. We all want it now and we all want it fast. We’ll most people since I’m not one of them. I’m not afraid to take my time and that’s what people just don’t get. All those people take a different approach than me and most of them are miserable as well. It’s a painful thing to watch. The problem is that this mindset ruins most people’s lives. You can’t have everything now and you can’t have it fast either. Things that go fast are mostly dangerous. Stuff like winning the lottery will really ruin your whole life.

Even something small like Tinder might have the same effect. Let’s take a look at how instant gratification leads to long- term frustration.

Instant gratification leads to long- term frustration: normal jobs

So people get out of college/university and they assume that the real life will start. So they enroll in the first job that they get offered. It doesn’t take long before they realize that the job sucks and now they’re stuck. Those people will soon blame everyone and everything. They’ll feel cheated by life by the age of 40. This is a hard one to get out and it only gets harder if you keep on waiting. Those people all hope that things will get better but that won’t happen. Things can only get better if you take action. I realized quickly on that the most important jobs are actually a joke. You just have to do tons of useless shit and a lot of overtime. I’m glad that I never had to do those.

Look at it this way. Instant gratification will haunt you

There are 24 hours in a days and let’s assume that you sleep for 8 hours. So that means that you’ve still got 16 hours in a day. You’ve got to work 8 hours or 50% of the day 5 times a week. So that means that you’re almost half of your life at your job (theoretically off course). Now you hate 50% of your life if you hate your job and I really doubt that you’ll love the other 50%. You’ll feel tired and sluggish all the time. So you’ll probably get out of shape before you even now it.

My advice is that you look for a job that you really like or that you do something which can make you financially independent. But Alex what if I’m currently in a job that I hate? Get out and look for a new one! It’s really not that hard!

Instant gratification leads to long- term frustration: dating

This one is going to be fun. So I have a different approach than most people when it comes to dating. I have a more calculated approach but I’m sure that it’ll pay off in the long run. Let me explain. Most people date and try to show all their good traits. They don’t want to show their ‘bad’ traits but those will come out eventually. So most guys act like brainless baboons (been there done that) and kiss the girl on the first date. I mean she’s fun and beautiful what could go wrong? Basically everything. You see a good relationship has a great foundation and people who’re going too fast don’t have that foundation. Those are the relationships that break up because they’re suddenly realizing something. Your girlfriend won’t always be as fun and happy as on the first date.

What a shocker. I’ve even heard a guy claim that he realized that his girlfriend was a whole other person when they got together. That’s what I mean with instant gratification leads to long- term frustration. People play an act on dates. Well most people. I’m not playing that game. I’m true to myself. 

Instant gratification leads to long- term frustration: turn it upside down

So my way makes sure that I have everything the other way around. I have short term frustration but I’ll have long- term gratification. Why you ask? Well it’s because most girl aren’t used to my way of dating so they’ll look for someone who takes a faster approach. So yes this can be frustrating but it also shows that they’re not willing to build a solid foundation which saves me tons of troubles in the long run. Life doesn’t have to be hard. It’s all a matter of perception.

So build a solid foundation to weather the storm. You can’t build a great foundation because you had a great first date. I seriously wonder who made up all these bullshit dating rules like the fact that you should kiss on the first date. It’s predictable and boring. Everybody knows that it has to be at the end of the first date when you drop the girl off at her door. I hate predictable things.

I like to break the rules and beat the fools. How about that?!

Instant gratification leads to long- term frustration: you’re going to pay the price

You’ll find new jobs all the time. You’ll probably be able to date all the time as well. But you’re going to pay a price. This mindset will make sure that you’ll never achieve anything in life. You can’t be successful  in a short period of time. You can’t take the elevator to success so you’ll have to take the stairs like everybody else. Most people just seem to get it. There’s no such thing as luck. It’s just hard work and perseverance. Get it? Enjoy taking the stairs while most people will be waiting until the elevator arrives. Spoiler alert: it’ll never arrive.


Instant gratification leads to long- term frustration. This is applicable to almost everything in life. Fast doesn’t equal good. So be smart and avoid a bad start. It might be sunshine and rainbows in the beginning but the sun doesn’t 24/7. Welcome to the real life.

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