In this post I'll tell you why I stopped drinking alcohol and how alcohol can ruin your whole life. Are you ready to get hit by reality?

it’s going to be fun they said

I had a period of sobriety in the past, I didn’t drink alcohol for two years. I was a 19 year old guy who stopped drinking because I went completely overboard. Like most people I claimed that I would never drink again but I managed to do it. Well sort of because after two years I started drinking again. I was single again after  a period of two years and drinking tons of alcohol seemed like the right thing to do. Unhappiness makes people do dumb shit and drinking too much alcohol is one of them. Drinking alcohol didn’t solve a single problem and it will never will solve one. It only creates more problems.

Just look at all the guys who suddenly think that they’re pro boxers, the girls puking in the gutter, the girl crying over and over again when she’s drunk, the guy who passes out in the middle of nowhere  (I guess we could call them the fun people). These people are unhappy but they’re afraid to admit it. They want to escape all their troubles and make their lives more miserable by doing this. I’m really lucky that most “drunk in the weekend people” avoid me since they’re thinking that I’m no fun. They think that I’m the most boring guy because I never drink or go out anymore.

I stopped drinking on a vacation because I realized I didn’t need it because I’m already happy.

People only drink for 3 reasons:

  1. The social occasions
  2. To celebrate something
  3. To escape reality

Let me make one thing clear: I have nothing against people who drink but I don’t like the Western drinking culture at all.

The bigger the drinker the bigger the man

All alcoholics have one thing in common they present themselves as the best person there is. They all are suddenly pros at something and they all claim to have defeated a pro guy. These are pretty entertaining but annoying as fuck as well. I once faced a guy at work who was extremely drunk (you could get drunk just by standing next to him). He claimed that he had defeated one of the best Belgian lightweights at the moment (he didn’t). He had a bruise just above his eyes and claimed that it was due to boxing but I’m pretty sure that he couldn’t throw one single punch.

After a while I realized that this guy was full of bullshit, he wanted to show more battle scars and showed a flesh wound on the palm of his hand. I don’t think that a real boxer would have a flesh wound on the palm of his hand.

At one moment he was really looking for a fight. That guy was constantly looking for a reason for a fight and I was standing in a corner. It would have been ugly if it would actually come to a fight. Being cornered is really a fucked up feeling but a security guard took him away and I never saw him again.

Alcohol doesn’t turn you into a world class fighter

Rule of thumb: the guys who’re looking for a fight mostly can’t throw a single good punch. Mostly you’ll avoid the punch just by ducking or slipping. Just look at fight on parties. It will either be two guys throwing lame punches or one of the guy wins pretty quick by KO.

Never let someone come into your safe zone, this means that you’ve got to keep people at arm length. They can hit you pretty bad when they’re into your safe zone. Nobody will ever come in my safe zone ever again. I learned a valuable lesson that day.

Most people really have got a drinking problem

Most people can’t face the fact that they’ve got a drinking problem but there are just signs that you really need to quit drinking.

People who’re constantly hurting others when they’re drunk.

People who claim that they need alcohol even if it’s only once a week.

You always go overboard even once a week.

You’re constantly looking for fight when you’re drunk.

You drink when you’re alone (no bueno).

The last one is the most dangerous one since it turns people into alcoholics pretty quick.

Girls and alcohol is really a bad combination

Girls really can’t handle alcohol and this is the sad reality. They’re fun if they’re not crossing the 3 drinks limit but after that it goes downward pretty quickly. More than three drinks means trouble in paradise.

There are girls who lose complete control when they’re drunk, the so called wooo girls (an American term but I’m sure I don’t have to explain you why they use it).

Looking at a girls drink behavior is a clear sign of how happy she is. I’ve dated a girl who could drink a whole bottle of wine and didn’t seem to feel it at all. That’s not normal in my eyes and a big deal breaker. I’ve also dated a girl who claimed that she need her alcohol every day after work so what can we conclude?

Alcohol is a way to escape reality

Most drunk people want to escape reality but are too afraid to admit it. They tell you that they’re perfectly happy but they are a part of the normal people who only live 52 days a year. You’ve read it right these people only live on Saturdays and die on Sundays. These people have an intoxicated liver and a head that hurts. But from what are they trying to escape? They try to escape from their nagging boss, boring work, bad relationship, negative people, low self- esteem (the bigger the drink remember)….

Alcohol takes them to a happy place and it just lasts for a couple of hours but they seem to enjoy it. Just go clubbing and take a look around later on the night. Drunk people seem to be either depressed or in their own world. Okay some are in each other mouths or pants but I’m sure you get the point.

Just remember that alcohol will take you back to the reality which you’ve always tried to escape.

Or as I like to describe it: zero problems where solved that weekend but multiple were created.

Alcohol makes pick up pretty damn easy

There are guys who consider themselves as the best pick up artist in the world and they’re right if you look at their numbers but…. They always “close the deal” when they’re drunk and the other is mostly drunk as well. I admit that I wondered how these guys did it every weekend again but now I cracked the code and it’s a bit pathetic. I mean you have almost no clue about what you’re doing and can showboat a whole week or lifetime about it, if you remember it off course.

Ever tried doing a pick up when you’re sober?  It’s pretty damn hard and you really need to man up to do it. Especially if the other person is sober as well. It comes down to the fact that 99.9% of your pick- up techniques don’t work sober.

Chasing girl to boost your self- esteem is not the way to go in my eyes.

Alcohol makes you skip the gym on Sunday

I always trained on Sundays and there were no exceptions. Well every Sunday after I started to realize that I had a depression. My alcohol consumption started to become less after that. I always tried to hit the gym in the afternoon and I did it every time. Others were puking in the afternoon. I didn’t want to trade it for anything in the world.

Alcohol lowers your testosterone production

I wrote a whole post about alcohol and testosterone but just think about it. Do you really need a ton of studies to prove this point? You already noticed that it lowers testosterone but you just don’t realize it yet. You aren’t able to perform due to the fact that you’re completely wasted. It’s like a safety in our body that switches on when you’re about to do dumb shit.

Oh yeah beer is the worst alcoholic beverage there is since it lowers testosterone and increases estrogen.

Consume alcohol in moderation

You can still drink alcohol if you really want to but try to consider moderation. The 3 drink limit is a real good one if you’re going to drink. This is the best advice that I can give you. In the end it’s your life and you need to face the consequences. I’m just here to help you as much as possible. I stopped drinking because it doesn’t benefit me in any way.

Anyway, moderation take it in consideration.

Alcohol makes you forget about the best nights off your life

People become parents or win something and they almost immediately open a bottle of booze. One bottle later they’re experiencing the night of their lives until they need to get up. They forgot everything and this doesn’t sound like a lot of fun in my eyes. What’s the point of having a good time when you’re constantly forgetting everything?

I claimed that most people only live 52 days a year but you’re not living if you’re drinking all your memories away.

So maybe these people will never know how it feels to be alive? Now that’s what I call food for thought.

Till next time


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