Are you the hero of your own movie? Wait what?  I mean are you living the live that you’ve always imagined living? It’s easy if you have no clue on what you want in life. You can’t be disappointed if you haven’t got a goal in life. But would the hero of your own movie do nothing? Would the hero be someone who stays in bed all day? Would it be someone who doesn’t kick start his/her day the right way? I guess that we can conclude that the answer is no?!

We live in times where we’ve got so many opportunities to do great things and there are still people who’re able to fuck it all up. They just wander through life day in and out without even getting why other people are more successful than them.  Those people are the hero of their own movie. They get that they are the directors and can shape their lives just how they want too.

I mean life can be a test so why shouldn’t you try to pass it? Put on your mental cape and make it happen.

The hero will write down goals

People want so many things in life so they brag about it instead of doing anything about it. They have a busy instead of a productive lifestyle and this is sad. They’re gently put to sleep by a smart system in our society. So many people are living a life that’s filled with stress, alcohol, caffeine and sometimes even drugs. It’s all because they can’t handle their situation. So take a pen and a piece of paper and write down what you want. Don’t forget to put a date on it. What do you want to change?  Want to get in superhero shape? Write it down (for example I want to be in shape by that particular date) and start working towards it.

I have a complete goal list of what I want in life. I have 30 goals at the moment. I’m set to accomplish them all. One is to launch my book at the end of the month. It’ll probably launch sooner since I worked so hard on it. I have had some great feedback and private messages from people about my blog and that fuels me to keep going. I’m grateful and being grateful  fuels people to do better and better every single day.

The hero’s best friend is discomfort

Most people hate discomfort and avoid it as much as possible. We’re wired to do it but we can embrace that discomfort. Most people don’t realize that discomfort and success go hand in hand. Writing every day is hard just like training MMA 6 times a week is hard. I love both things, well MMA a lot more, but I don’t always want to do it. But that’s where discipline kicks in. You force yourself to do it and those are the best training or writing sessions at the end of the road. It might suck but you still made some progress. Discomfort really is the hero’s best friend. You just do the work and feel a lot happier afterwards. Sometimes you just have to remember yourself that this is what you want to do and that you need to keep going in order to create momentum.

You can’t and won’t stop until you’ve got what you want.

The hero needs to respect himself

Most people don’t respect themselves and that’s where it all goes wrong. A lot of people who’re out of shape are afraid to go to the gym because of the opinion of others. They might laugh at you but you should go anyway. Don’t look for the approval of others. Just go in and do the work. All your excuses will make sure that you’ll never grow as a person. You’ll lose weight or gain muscle if you put in the time and the work. You’ll just feel so much better after a while that you will keep on going. Forget about the haters.

The hero will have to fight resistance for the rest of his life

You will face resistance for the rest of your life so you’ll need to fight every day. Will you give in or continue doing what you’re supposed to do? Fight that monster and kill it. You don’t want to live full of regret. You don’t want to arrive at a point in life where you feel cheated by life. Life didn’t cheat on you. You cheated on yourself. Just look at all the people who gave in to resistance. They don’t look that happy.  You need to realize that you aren’t getting any younger so stop wasting time. Today is the youngest that you’ll ever be. Be the hero of your own movie and turn that movie into a freaking blockbuster.

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