I don’t want to sound negative but there’s a lot of hate in this day and age. But why do so many people hate? There has to be a reason.

Don’t hate

I don’t want to sound negative but there’s a lot of hate in this day and age. The biggest problem back in the days was racism and that remains an act of cowardice. You could say that we’re just a hateful species but I don’t believe that’s the case. I believe that we’re all equal as human being but some of us lose track of who we really are. They aren’t true to themselves. They pretend to be someone else and they pretend to like it as well. Deep down inside they’re dying though. They’re looking for ways to express themselves but they fail over and over again so what do they do? They start to hate on others because those people are better or more successful.

This is the part where the ego gets hurt. They don’t get that they need to lose their biggest enemy once and for all.The ego makes you hate on others but you’re too blind to see it. I mean why would you hate on someone who’s more successful or at least tries to be more succesful? Because they don’t want to see someone get as good or even better than them. Sucks doesn’t it that you need to hear that it you that’s been the source of all your hate?

You should skip the news, that’s the first way to make sure that you’re going to be less hateful.

Don’t hate: no dreams equals no life

Most people give up their dreams before they even started pursuing them. They are so insecure and just look for the easy way out. They’re looking for a 9-5 job just to make sure that they can survive. Most of them even watch tons of motivational movies but they never get the true meaning behind it. Giving up your dreams means that you’ll give up your life. You’ll always work to make others dreams come true. That sucks and this should not be how you spend the rest of your days. People who passed 40 are eagerly awaiting their retirement in the land of broken dreams. They are all craving for freedom.

I know a 84 year old guy, he’s extremely wise, who shared some knowledge with me. He told me once that he knew for sure that he would have been a great professional cyclist. The sad part is that he’s right, he was  a beast even when he was in his 60s. Bicycles where his whole life, he was obsessed but he didn’t pursue his dream because his mother didn’t let him too. He’s fully aware of the fact that he should have done it but he doesn’t hate on others who did. He accepted his own mistakes and moved on.

He told me to pursue all my dreams and he told me to leave the comfort zone.

Hate and blogging

Many people do the exact opposite. They hate on professional athletes their paycheck out of jealousy. They wanted that paycheck but they didn’t make the sacrifices. The reason why they fail is simple, they partied too much before they made it instead of partying after they made it. It’s a tiny detail but it makes a big difference.

There are so many people who tried blogging but they failed. Those people now hate on me because I got more visitors in 3 months than them in their entire period as a blogger. Most of them stopped when they faced writers block. I’ve faced it three times now. I even faced it during the past 3 weeks and I still posted 4 blogs a week. Yesterday was the first day on which I wrote without one.

To this day onward I still have to tell people that my blog is not like all the others.

You’ll hate this reality check

You stop living as soon as you stop dreaming. So most people stop living at the age of 8. It’s fucked up but that’s the reality. You’ve got one life so what the fuck are you waiting for? Only people in the land of broken dreams believe in talent and miracles. All the others believe in hard work and dedication. This my friends will save you from a life full of frustration.

Hate upon hate creates more…

Never hate back when someone starts to hate on you. You have to let it go once and for all. You’ll end up playing their game and you’ll lose and end up frustrated. THe previous generations where a lot less hateful towards others but what could be the reason behind this shift? I’m pretty sure that I know the answer because I experienced it myself.

I used to have a more hateful personality at one point in my life. It occured between the age of 18 and 22. I abandoned religion because I assumed that there could be no God. I had suffered so much and it didn’t seem like there was anything bigger in life. But suddenly I started to think about the meaning of life and  I realized that life could be a test. I became more spiritual and started reading tons of philosophy. It’s crazy how much I learned by reading these books and my mind became less hateful. I was back, I returned to being the optimistic kid with the million dollar smile.

A lot of people claim that religion and philosophy are a ton of bullshit but they’re wrong. The world would be a better place if we would all develop or minds a lot more. I’m just not bound to a single religion. I don’t want to because many people used religion to do the wrong things.

I just try to develop my mind by taking all the good things from all of them. But I also noticed that most religions have a lot in common anyway so why should I stick to one?

Ego is your biggest enemy. Hate your ego.

Your ego will kill all your ambition bigtime. Your ego makes sure that your missing out on the crucial things in life. You’re lacking humility bigtime. You’ll never be able to accept feedback if you’re not humble. I get that most people think that I’m arrogant and so on but I can accept feedback. I just have a sixth sense to separate the real feedback from the bullshit and I really love this gift.

Let me show you how I deal with failure, feedback and all the other things. Yesterday I took some hits  in sparring and both guys were very happy that they could hit me multiple times. My mind was completely empty but I was experimenting, I wanted to practice my slips to the outside to be able to launch a counter. In the beginning it was difficult but I kept trying and didn’t care about the hits. But then I noticed that the guy in front of me his ego began to grow. He became too confident and he started to show it.

So what did I do? I kept my tactic but I suddenly found the right angle and I constantly blitzed him the last minute. I don’t need to fix his ego, that’s his job. There is no opponent in front of me. Most people don’t realize that it’s you vs you when it comes to life but also when it comes to fighting.

Hate vs the ego

Your ego will never serve you anything except pain and frustration. I did what I had to do,  I kept my ego in check. I’ve seen enough meatheads in sparring who start to rush others because they got hit. It’s dumb and vain.

I take all the beating in life, I face failure like I should, I face the laughter over and over again but I will never give up. I keep my ego in check and just keep on working.

Fighting and life have a lot in common and I can guarantee you one thing. I’m a fighter, I always was and I always will. I wrote this post in a coffeeshop and sometimes I’m throwing punches. There were a lot of people who were looking at me but that’s okay.

That’s what I love and that’s what I do. It has consumed my whole mind, I can’t think about anything else than fighting. You could hate this part of me but I don’t care. I’m true to myself and that something that most people never will do. Not even for one day.

Hate all you want: some poetry

I’m always sharply dressed.

Extremely blessed and…

deeply obsessed.

Welcome to my world.

A world where haters pop up out of nowhere.

Oh the precious haters with all their tremendous hate.

What would I do without them?

I would feel lonely that’s for sure.

Just do it, hate all you want.

I don’t care because I’ve got the cure.

I’ll be the one that makes his life count.

How does that sound?

There’s nothing more inspiring than hate.

They serve it to me on a silver plate.

It fuels my engine more than ever before.

So the only thing that I can ask for…

Please sir, can I have some more?

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